HIV Prevention Cooperative Agreement


The HIV Prevention Program works to reduce the number of new HIV/AIDS cases in Rhode Island. Special consideration to reduce the number of new cases is given to communities of color due to the disproportionately high rates of HIV/AIDS. The HIV Prevention Program provides community support for HIV testing; health education and risk reduction; prevention for people living with HIV; comprehensive risk reduction counseling; and minority initiatives. Community programs are culturally and linguistically appropriate. The prevention programs are proven to be effective and are continuously evaluated and monitored for accuracy, completeness, and effectiveness. The reported outcomes are recorded on a yearly basis. Consultant services in evaluation, community planning facilitation, and capacity building are made available to HEALTH staff and community providers. Partner counseling and referral service are provided by HEALTH staff to the partners of all new HIV/AIDS cases, as well as provider support in locating and post test counseling of new index cases. HIV prevention funds are coordinated with a community planning process and anchored in a Comprehensive Plan for HIV Prevention.

2010 Accomplishments and Milestones

  • The Rhode Island Community Planning Group for HIV Prevention unveiled specific focus areas for target populations
  • Implementation of the new Qualified HIV Counseling, Testing and Referral certification to insure a high standard around HIV testing professionals.
  • Among funded testing sites 2,268 HIV tests administered and 46 individuals were found to be positive, 504 Hepatitis C tests were administered and 17 individuals tested positive, 328 first dose of preventive Twinrix vaccine was administered; 272 second doses and 230 third doses.
  • Continued expansion of Partner Notification Referral Specialist and surveillance staff regarding testing, identification, referral, and linkage of care for all newly reported HIV/AIDS cases.