Drug Overdose Prevention Program


To advance and evaluate comprehensive state-level interventions for preventing drug overuse, misuse, abuse, and overdose.

What we do

  • Ensure access to naloxone, especially to high risk populations.
  • Implement hospital Emergency Department Discharge Standards for overdose patients.
  • Improve access to drug overdose and resource data through the web site www.PreventOverdoseRI.org and dissemination of drug overdose data briefs.
  • Convene a Drug Overdose Death Review Team and award mini-grants to targeted communities to raise awareness around prevention.
  • Evaluate state level policies such as mandatory prescriber PDMP registration, naloxone access laws, Good Samaritan law, and 48-Hour Opioid Overdose Reporting regulation.
  • Provide Community Health Navigators to high risk populations in state ‘hot spots’ to help users connect with recovery resources.
  • Increase use of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) by making it easier to use, and providing academic detailing, continuing medical education events, and other outreach on responsible prescribing.


  • Rhode Island Department of Health has secured CDC funding to support the Drug Overdose Prevention Program with five staff persons and community prevention resources.
  • Partnered with the Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities & Hospitals to lead the Governor’s Task Force on Overdose Prevention and Intervention, and implement strategies included in Rhode Island’s Strategic Plan on Addiction and Overdose – Four Strategies to Alter the Course of an Epidemic.

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