Requests for Proposals

Recent Funding Opportunities

04/13/2018 11:21 EDT
This document gives responses to the 59 questions raised about this request for proposals and a full current version of the request or proposals with the corrected numbering. Deadline for proposals remains 4 PM April 20.
04/12/2018 15:36 EDT
This document in Word format is to be used for the Cost Proposal and Sample Budget.
04/12/2018 09:02 EDT
The Physical Activity and Nutrition program is offering mini grants to Rhode Island organizations to pilot the sale of healthful meals, snacks, and beverages in community venues such as concession stands and vending machines. Organizations can apply for up to $2,500 to support this work; application deadline is 4 PM, May 2, 2018.
04/03/2018 09:45 EDT
This grant has been reposted to correct a typographical error. The deadlines and substantive content remain the same.
04/02/2018 12:51 EDT
The Health Equity Institute in partnership with the Rhode Island Arts and Health Advisory Group solicits project proposals for up to ten temporary installations of existing work or work created for the 2018 RIDOH Health Equity Summit September 20, 2018. Deadline for Project Outline - May 15. Final Selected Project Proposal Deadline June 15.
04/02/2018 12:48 EDT
Non-profit organizations and municipalities are invited to apply for up to $4,900 for the purpose of conducting educational and capacity building activities. Projects should seek to help prepare Rhode Islanders for the health effects of climate change and build healthy and resilient communities. Deadline: 4 PM on Monday, April 30, 2018.
03/29/2018 15:13 EDT
A new version of the request for proposals has been posted. If you downloaded a copy before 3:30 PM March 30, 2018 please download the revised copy.