Environmental Lead Program


To protect the health and safety of children, workers, and the general public by identifying and decreasing environmental lead hazards.

What we do

  • Ensure that children under 6 years of age are screened for lead poisoning.
  • Collect blood level test results for children younger than 6 years of age to evaluate screening and lead poisoning trends.
  • Refer children with blood lead levels above the reference level (5 mcg/dL) to case management and in-home education services.
  • Offer comprehensive environmental inspection of homes of children younger than 6 years of age with significant blood lead levels.
  • Conduct outreach and education about the dangers of lead poisoning.
  • Offer free educational materials.
  • Partner with the Rhode Island Alliance for Healthy Housing to improve housing in Rhode island.
  • Set parameters for licensing lead professionals to conduct environmental inspections and remove lead hazards from properties.
  • Conduct filed investigations on sites where lead hazard removal is being performed to ensure that workers are appropriately licensed and follow lead-safe work practices.