Asthma Control Program


To reduce overall asthma burden and asthma health disparities in Rhode Island.

What we do

  • The Asthma Control Program has combined key initiatives into the “Comprehensive Integrated Asthma Care System” which serves as a unified access point for a set of community-based services and interventions.
  • Home Asthma Response Program (HARP) provides children who have had asthma ER visits or an asthma hospitalization with up to three home visits by a Certified Asthma Educator and Community Health Worker. HARP teaches families how to manage asthma and provides supplies to get rid of asthma triggers in the home.
  • Breathe Easy at Home (BEAH) allows health care providers to make a referral to housing code enforcement if they suspect that substandard housing conditions are creating asthma triggers and impacting a child’s health. Referrals and communication are done through KIDSNET. BEAH can also help tenants get legal support.
  • Controlling Asthma in Schools Effectively (Project CASE) works with elementary schools to offer Hasbro’s Draw a Breath classes for students with asthma, train school staff about asthma needs, promote asthma-friendly policies and healthy indoor air quality at schools, and promote the use of asthma action plans.

Our Services