Vaccinate Before You Graduate (VBYG) Program


To ensure all Rhode Island students have a chance to be fully immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases before high school graduation. VBYG was developed in 2001 as a catch-up program for 12th grade students who either missed or did not complete the Hepatitis B vaccination series. In 2010, the program expanded to include high school students, in both public and private schools, across all cities and towns and offers all routinely recommended ACIP adolescent immunizations (see list below). In September 2015, the program expanded again under its current contract with The Wellness Company to include middle school students attending public schools.

What we do

  • Offer vaccinations for students at school clinics at no out-of-pocket cost through a contract with The Wellness Company. The Wellness Company is a mass immunizer and licensed wholesale drug distributor contracted with the Office of Immunization to facilitate the VBYG Program. The Company is enrolled in the State-Supplied Vaccine program and maintains a large inventory of adult and children’s vaccines. It has many experienced staff that can be called into service quickly if needed to hold a vaccine clinic anywhere in the state.
  • Offer the following 11 vaccines:
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