Center for Acute Infectious Diseases Epidemiology


Control the person-to-person spread of infectious diseases in the state.

2010 Accomplishments and Milestones

  • Provided surveillance of the H1N1 flu outbreak.
  • Responded to an outbreak of Salmonella associated with contaminated tomatoes.
  • Vaccinated approximately 80 food handlers exposed to Hepatitis A.
  • Vaccinated 70 children in daycare exposed to Pertussis.
  • Detected and confirmed 1 case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE).
  • Responded to 2 cases of pertussis in a day care facility.
  • Monitored and tracked the 2010 - 2011 annual influenza season.

What We Do

Across multiple areas of focus, we, the Acute Infectious Disease Program:

Monitor reportable infectious diseases

  • Identify newly diagnosed cases reportable under Rhode Island law.
  • Analyze trends in newly diagnosed cases.

Manage Cases

  • Locate people who have been exposed to infectious diseases.
  • Contact them and guide them to action.

Control Disease Outbreaks

  • Plan public health responses to outbreaks of infectious disease.
  • React swiftly to contain outbreaks with health care providers in the community.