HealthFacts RI Database


To identify healthcare cost savings, healthcare quality and health outcome improvement opportunities.

Key Information

Healthcare insurance payment information for people with health insurance living in Rhode Island. Includes data on demographics and health status, medical services, emergency room visits, pharmacy services, healthcare providers and member enrollment. The database does not include: information on individuals who do not have health insurance, healthcare services paid directly by an individual, free healthcare, dental services, claims by insurance companies with fewer than 3000 members. The database includes information on 4 out of 5 Rhode Islanders (824,537 residents in 2014, or 78% of the population).

Collection Period

From 2011 to present for private health insurers and Medicaid. Medicare fee-for-service from 2011 to 2013.

How data are collected

Data are gathered from health insurance payment systems and de-identified. Names, addresses, and other personal information is removed. The information is anonymous, as it cannot be linked to particular people. Rhode Island residents have the opportunity to opt-out of the database at any time.

How data can be used

Data can be used by healthcare consumers, researchers, providers, health insurers and others to examine data on healthcare use, quality, and spending, and identify opportunities for improvement. Examples of potential uses include measuring healthcare provider performance, tracking potentially preventable emergency room visits, and monitoring the growth of patient-centered medical homes.

How to request data

Summary data reports on healthcare reform issues will be made available online at no cost. The state is developing a process to provide more detailed data, for a fee. Two levels of more detailed data will be available:

  • Analytic data sets: Available to any user who agrees to the terms and conditions of data use. A fee schedule will be available when these data sets are ready for release.
  • Detailed extracts: Claims-line level extracts containing de-identified,individual member detail. These extracts will require a full application process, review by the All-Payer Claims Data Release Review Board, and approval from the Director of the Department of Health to be released, for a fee. An online application will be made available.