State Health Laboratories


To provide quality analytical and technical laboratory information in support of state and national disease prevention and control, environmental health programs, and the criminal justice system.

What we do

State Health Laboratories perform chemical, physical and microbiological analyses of environmental samples, clinical specimens and forensic evidence. The results of these scientific examinations are used to:

  • Monitor the spread of infectious diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria, viruses or parasites;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of disease control measures;
  • Assure the safety of drinking water and food supply;
  • Detect biological or chemical terrorism events;
  • Aid law enforcement in crime investigations and adjudication;
  • Help determine the cause of death;
  • Monitor outdoor air pollution;
  • Monitor water quality of streams, rivers and the Narragansett Bay.

Programs Within the Division of Laboratories

Biological Sciences

Bioterrorism Response/Special Pathogens | Molecular Biology/Enteric Pathogens | Food/Water Microbiology | Serology | Quality Assurance more

Environmental Sciences

Air Pollution | Biomonitoring/Chemical Terrorism Response | Food/Water Chemistry | Organic Chemistry | Analytical Lab Certification | Quality Assurance more

Forensic Sciences

Breath Analysis | CODIS | DNA /Forensic Biology | Drug Chemistry | Toxicology more


  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services – CLIA Certificate of Compliance for High Complexity Clinical Laboratory
  • EPA Environmental Protection Agency – Ambient Air and Drinking Water Testing
  • ISO17025-Forensic Sciences Laboratories
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations - DNA Analysis & CODIS
  • United States Food & Drug Administration - Dairy Product and Shellfish Testing
  • Rhode Island Department of Health - In-State Analytical Laboratory Certificate
  • Rhode Island Department of Health - In-State Clinical Laboratory License