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Health equity zone initiative

OneCranston Health Equity Zone (HEZ)


To advocate and collaborate for policies, programs, and mindset that will create a healthier and more equitable Cranston. Our vision is that all feel welcomed to live in a cohesive and unified Cranston and are empowered to participate alongside community organizations, city government, education, and healthcare to create and support more equitable solutions for our residents.

What we do

  • Collaborate with residents and community partners to create policies, programs, and mindsets that will make Cranston healthier and more equitable (75% of our sub-committees are residents)
  • Engage residents to participate in community organizations, city government, education and healthcare to create equitable solutions
  • Evaluate community needs to identify health disparities and areas of need
  • Create programming, events and initiatives that focus on 5 areas: physical health & nutrition, trauma, built environment, youth opportunity, and community connection.

HEZ Backbone Agency