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Health Equity Zones

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Health Equity

Health equity means that everyone can attain their highest level of health regardless of their background, social determinants, or circumstances. It recognizes that health disparities exist and seeks to eliminate unfair and unjust differences in health outcomes. Achieving health equity requires dismantling systemic barriers, promoting inclusive policies, and ensuring equal access to quality healthcare and resources for all.

We are dedicated to promoting and advancing health equity for all residents of Rhode Island. This page serves as a comprehensive resource hub to raise awareness, educate, and provide tools to address health disparities and achieve equitable health outcomes in our communities.

Our Commitment to Health Equity

The Rhode Island Department of Health is committed to addressing health disparities and promoting health equity through our leading priorities. We strive to:

  • Address the socioeconomic and environmental determinants of health.
  • Eliminate health disparities and promote health equity.
  • Ensure access to quality health services for all Rhode Islanders, including the state's vulnerable populations.


Together, we can build a healthier and more equitable state for all Rhode Islanders. For inquiries or further assistance, please contact Michelle Wilson,