Community Health and Equity, Division of


At our best, the Division of Community Health and Equity works with communities and partners to co-create a healthy Rhode Island by

  • Recognizing and addressing systems of oppression, challenging historical, long-held beliefs about health and populations.
  • Identifying and centering the needs of communities, especially those experiencing health inequities.
  • Building trust and sustaining reciprocal relationships with communities and partners.
  • Effectively communicating to connect the public with the information and supports they need to be healthy.
  • Using data and community-informed, evidence-based approaches and promising practices to innovate inclusive and responsive public health.
  • Modeling a healthy and just workplace that reflects the communities we serve.


A Rhode Island where all people enjoy equitable access to the resources, opportunities, and support needed to achieve a shared vision of health and well-being.

What we do

  • Eliminate health disparities and achieve health equity by addressing the social and environmental determinants of health.
  • Plan and implement public health activities using evidence-based and promising practices across the life course.
  • Engage communities as key partners in public health.


  • Collaborated with the Department of Corrections to coordinate public health education and services for incarcerated people.
  • Successfully completed Health Equity Zone Year 2 Initiatives and launched Year 3.

Our Programs

Program Publications