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Health equity zone initiative


Deb Golding

Woonsocket Health Equity Zone (HEZ)


The Woonsocket HEZ is a group that takes action to improve the health and quality of life for all people in Woonsocket with the people in Woonsocket.

What we do

  • Address our priority areas in the opioid epidemic, teen health, improving access to healthy food, and child maltreatment.
  • Support and facilitate collaboration in prevention, treatment, rescue, and recovery through a variety of ways which include Naloxone distribution, maintaining a free community drop-in center for adults in recovery, and more.
  • Support high quality health and sexuality education and supports through youth engagement, campaigns, and health education in Woonsocket High School.
  • Support farmers markets and SNAP utilization, food entrepreneurs, and the exploration of a grocery store in Woonsocket.

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