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    Lead Contractors are the only professionals authorized to correct interior lead hazards if a property has received a Notice of Violation or Notice of High Risk Premises from the Department of Health. The Lead Contractor must have a Lead Hazard Reduction Contractor Agent.
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    Lead Renovation Firms are the licensed entities responsible for the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule's record keeping requirements, including distribution of the Rhode Island version of the Renovate Right pamphlet. They are also responsible for ensuring that a licensed Lead-Safe Remodeler/Renovator, affiliated with the firm, remains on site at all times during lead hazard control activities.
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    Lead Supervisors work under Lead Contractors. An Agent or Site Supervisor must be physically present during lead hazard reduction activities.
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    Lead Workers conduct lead hazard reduction activities under Lead Contractors and Agents/Site Supervisors.

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    Lead Inspectors can conduct Comprehensive Environmental Lead Inspections, Clearance Inspections, and Annual Reinspections and can issue Certifications of Lead-Free or Lead-Safe Status after these inspections. They can conduct Clearance Inspections and issue Certifications of Acceptable Clearance Status to Lead Renovation Firms for compliance with the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule. They can also conduct Limited Environmental Lead Inspections to look for lead in paint, drinking water, interior dust, or exterior soil.
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