Advisories and Newsletters for Healthcare Professionals

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Infectious Disease Advisories and Newsletters for Healthcare Professionals

Published on an as needed basis, includes new and updated guidance and advisories related to infectious diseases from RIDOH and CDC's Health Alert Network (HAN).


Healthcare Professional Briefings

Published bi-weekly on Thursdays; includes clinical guidance, recommendations, and links to scientific research and findings.


Dental Clinician Advisory

Published on an as-needed basis; includes new and updated guidance, best practices, educational resources for dental providers.


School Nurse Newsletter


Public Health Out Loud (RIDOH Podcast)

Public Health Out Loud is a podcast that delves into the broader public health concerns and issues facing Rhode Islanders. From discussions about safeguarding against future pandemics to actionable plans for families to help keep their loved ones safe from preventable diseases, Public Health Out Loud is a no-nonsense resource for listeners who want to stick to the facts. Host Dr. Philip Chan promises to deliver accurate, light-hearted, and informative public health updates that matter to you. This podcast is brought to you by the Rhode Island Department of Health.

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