Vital Records, Center for


To ensure the integrity, and appropriate access to, permanent records related to births, deaths, marriages, and civil unions for the 39 cities and towns in Rhode Island.

What we do

  • Maintain sealed files of pre-adoption birth records for all adopted children born in Rhode Island.
  • Issue non-certified copies of pre-adoption birth records in accordance with the law.
  • File contact preference forms for birth parents of adopted children.
  • Provide copies of vital records.
  • Correct and update birth, death, marriage, and/or civil union records.
  • Create new certificates of birth following court orders of adoption and paternity.
  • Issue a Certificate of Foreign Birth for children born in a foreign country and adopted by a Rhode Island resident.
  • Meet with parents to complete voluntary affidavits of paternity or legitimations.
  • Provide aggregate data and information to data users and researchers upon approval.
  • Register and file vital records.
  • Update records following legal name changes.