Changes to Birth, Death or Marriage Records

Who can request changes to birth, death, or marriage records

Vital records are confidential. Only people with a direct and tangible interest in the records can request changes be made to the record. Changes to records can only be requested by:

  • You;
  • Your mother, father, sibling, guardian, or authorized agent;
  • Attorneys-at-law, title examiners, or members of legally incorporated genealogical societies conducting official duties;
  • A person who needs information to determine or protect personal or property rights;
  • A person with a court order instructing the registrar to change the document.

The State of Rhode Island has amended the sex field on birth certificates, which allows people to make a change to reflect their sex or gender identity on their birth certificate. more

Firms, agencies, or individuals requesting information for commercial purposes are not considered to have a direct and tangible interest. It is illegal to inspect or disclose information contained in vital records, copy, or issue a copy of all or part of any vital record except as authorized above. more Anyone who uses false statements to obtain a vital record may be fined up to $1,000, imprisoned for up to a year, or both. more


To make a change to a birth, death, or marriage record, you must provide a valid, government-issued photo identification to prove you are entitled to make the request. Acceptable documents include:

  • Driver's license
  • Passport
  • Military identification
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Alien Registration Card

If you are requesting a change to a birth, death, or marriage record by mail, you must include a readable copy of an approved form of identification. If you submit a request without an approved form of identification, the request will not be processed and will be returned to the requestor.


  • Corrections to birth, death, or marriage licenses: Free within one year of the birth, death, or marriage; $10 if more than one year has passed since the birth, death, or marriage
  • Rush orders: $7 additional

Payment Methods

You can pay for changes to birth, death, and marriage records with cash, check, or money order made payble to the General Treasurer, State of Rhode Island.