Pregnancy Risk Assessment Data (PRAMS)

  • Purpose: To improve the health of mothers and infants by reducing poor pregnancy outcomes such as low birth weight, infant mortality and morbidity, and maternal morbidity.
  • Key Information: on pregant women, new mothers and their infants including: experience with prenatal care stress, labor, delivery, breastfeeding, infant care; health issues including: nutrition, folic acid,alcohol and tobacco exposure and use, domestic violence, HIV prevention and access to care; and feelings about the pregnancy, support from friends/family collected in most states. Rhode Island also collects data on: family mobility, lead poisoning and newborn screening awareness, and maternal depression
  • Collection Period: Data available from 2002

Rhode Island Numbers

  • Significantly more pregnant women had a flu shot when recommended to by their health care provider (more)

Unintended Pregnancy by Highest Risk Maternal Characteristics, 2006-2010

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Source: Selected Data from the Rhode Island Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System
Note: Unintended pregnancy is defined as wanted later (mistimed) or not wanted at any time.