Hospitals in Rhode Island are licensed by the Center for Health Facilities Regulation and certified by the federal Medicare and Medicaid programs to provide acute medical care. Hospital facilities operated by the federal government are not licensed by the state

What patients & caregivers should do

Compare patient satisfaction and health quality of different hospitals Medicare site

What we do


The Office of Facilities Regulation inspects hospitals to ensure that they adhere to state and federal standards. For example, The Joint Commission has performance standards that hospitals licensed must meet to be accredited.

Report Care Quality

Our Healthcare Quality Reporting Program publishes reports comparing the quality of care provided by different hospitals.

Support Charity Care

The Department of Health encourages hospitals to provide free or reduced cost services to patients that are uninsured, underinsured or otheriwise unable to provide payment.

Collect Data

We collect data on health issues and treatment methods for hospital patients whether they are admitted or are treated in the emergency department.