Rhode Island Stroke Task Force

The Rhode Island Stroke Task Force crafted and submitted The Stroke Prevention and Treatment Act of 2009 to establish an inclusive and coordinated system of care for stroke patients in Rhode Island. The legislation passed in June 2009. This system includes the designation of Rhode Island Primary Stroke Centers, acute care hospitals maintaining readiness to treat stroke patients, the triage and transportation of stroke patients by emergency medical services providers, and the continuous improvement of quality care for individuals with stroke.

The implementation of this legislation currently provides for:

  • The establishment of a process for Rhode Island Primary Stroke Center designation
  • The designation of one Rhode Island Comprehensive Stroke Center.
    1. Rhode Island Hospital
  • The designation of seven hospitals as Rhode Island Primary Stroke Centers including:
    1. Kent Hospital
    2. Landmark SW Medical Center
    3. Memorial Hospital of RI
    4. The Miriam Hospital
    5. Newport Hospital
    6. Roger Williams Medical Center
    7. South County Hospital Healthcare System
  • The development of a stroke database
  • EMS stroke protocol revision (which includes stroke assessment tools and designated stroke centers)
  • The initiation of an updated EMS data collection system

Rhode Island Stroke Coordinators Network


The mission of the Rhode Island Stroke Coordinators Network is to establish a network for mutual and professional support and collaboration to improve the quality of acute stroke care and reduce the risk and burden of cardiovascular disease

What we do

  • Coordinate Stroke Champions throughout Rhode Island
  • Provide a mechanism to share experiences and implement best practice strategies
  • Act as mentors
  • Establish relationships
  • Promote Primary Stroke Center Accreditation
  • Consider legislative avenues