Refugee Health Information for Refugees

Below are steps that refugees can take to have a healthy resettlement in Rhode Island.

Get an Overseas Health Screening

Refugees approved to resettle in Rhode Island must have a medical examination before traveling to Rhode Island to check for certain communicable diseases. Refugees with these diseases will not be allowed to resettle until they are treated and no longer infectious. (See the Overseas Health Guidelines.)

Connect with Sponsors

Many refugees resettled in Rhode Island arrive through the family reunification process, joining other family members after periods of separation.  Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island is the sole resettlement affiliate in the state, managing contracts with the federal Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) and Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). Dorcas provides a range of programs and services from airport reception, health screenings, and initial housing, to English language classes, job placement, and longer-term career development.    

Get a Health Screening

The Refugee Health Program receives notice of refugees who enter the country to resettle in the state. As part of the resettlement process, refugees must have a domestic health screening within 30 days of arrival in Rhode Island. Data from that screening is reported to the Refugee Health Program.

Learn about Benefits Available for Refugees

Refugees are immediately eligible for benefits in Rhode Island. Learn more.