Hand Washing

Hand washing is one of the simplest and most effective means of preventing the spread of flu and other infectious diseases.

What you should do

  • Wash your hands after: using the toilet, coughing or sneezing into hands, engaging in any activity that may have contaminated hands.
  • Wash your hands before: handling food, eating or drinking, smoking, brushing teeth, engaging in any activity that involves hand-to-mouth contact.
  • Wash your hands frequently throughout the day even if you think they don’t need to be washed.

How you should do it

  • Wet hands with warm water.
  • Apply a generous amount of soap and lather hands well.
  • Rub hands together for 20 seconds, paying special attention to the areas between fingers and under nails.
  • Rinse hands thoroughly with warm water.
  • Dry hands with a disposable towel.
  • Use the disposable towel to turn off the faucet and open the door.