About Cancer

Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells anywhere in the body that occurs when genes allow a cell to split without control. There are many kinds of cancers because there are many types of cells. Cancers may harm the body by replacing normal cells with cells that don't work properly, and by killing normal cells. Some cancers stay put, some spread to nearby organs and some travel to distant parts of the body. The farther a cancer spreads, the harder it is to control. We can control many causes of cancer by making good choices in our everyday lives.

Cancer is a serious health threat in Rhode Island and the second leading cause of death. more Cancer can, however, be controlled. Science has learned more about how to prevent cancer, how to detect it early (when treatments work best), and how to treat cancer more effectively.

What we are doing

The Comprehensive Cancer Control Program is responsible for the development of state plans, supports the Partnership to Reduce Cancer in Rhode Island, maintains the Cancer Registry. We also cover the cost of breast and cervical cancer screening for program-eligible patients with the Women's Cancer Screening Program, and provide resources, training, and guidance to partner health systems throughout the state with the Colorectal Cancer Prevention Program