Cancer Registry


The Rhode Island Cancer Registry (RICR) has collected cancer case reports since October 1986. Since 1995, this effort has been supported in part by the National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a federally mandated program that supports population-based cancer surveillance systems. RICR collects and processes high quality and standardized newly diagnosed cancer data on the type and extent, as well as patient demographics and selective cancer treatment information. RICR produces comprehensive epidemiological reports on cancer – incidence, prevalence, and mortality – by different attributes. Healthcare providers’ reporting of cancer cases is mandated under the Rhode Island General Law 23-12-4.

What we do

  • Prepares and publishes extensive technical and statistical reports and publications related to cancer burden.
  • Develop queries and analyze the cancer registry to provide surveillance reports for the Rhode Island Comprehensive Cancer Control, Women’s Cancer Screening, and Colorectal Cancer Programs, as well as the media, health care system, consumers, and response for all requests for cancer data.