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Opioid Overdose Reporting

Emergency Departments (EDs) across the state are required by regulation 216-RICR-20-20-5 to report all cases of suspected opioid overdoses within 48 hours. This reporting requirement creates a consistent system for tracking data from patients who are admitted to EDs for a suspected drug overdose. These data identify overdose risk factors as well as geographic clusters of overdoses in near real-time. As a result, the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) and other entities can mobilize statewide resources to respond to the needs of high-risk populations.

What physicians, physician assistants, and registered nurses must do

  • Report data from ED visits for individuals suspected of having an opioid-related drug overdose within 48 hours to RIDOH.

What we have done

  • Made consistent efforts to educate hospital and ED stakeholders on the reporting requirement.

What we do

What we will do