Physician Disciplinary Actions

Name Sanction License
Ackerman, Brian, MD Amended Order 2016-11-09 MD14932
Ackerman, Brian, MD Administrative Order and Decision 2015-03-11 MD14932
Akelman, Edward, MD Reprimand 2010-07-27 MD06513
Akhtar, Mohammad, MD Reprimand 2018-10-10 MD09566
Anderson, Richard, MD Surrendered 2009-05-20 MD12555
Anderson, Richard, MD Reprimand 2014-12-10 MD12555
Asher, Ira, H., MD Reprimand 2011-04-13 MD05145
Aubin, Russel, J., D.O. Reinstatement 2011-12-14 DO00522
August, Irwin, DO Summary Suspension 2013-06-27 DO00549
August, Irwin, DO Reinstatement 2013-10-09 DO00549
August, Irwin, DO Summary Suspension 2015-01-14 DO00549
Azer, Wadid, MD Reprimand 2013-11-07 MD10950
Baaklini, Michael, MD Reprimand 2015-05-13 MD07640
Banki, Mohammad, MD Amended Immediate Compliance Order 2013-04-19 MD11581
Barajas, Antonio, MD Reprimand 2018-11-14 MD08971
Barakat, Abdul, MD Reprimand 2015-01-14 MD11449
Bavoux, Marcel, DO Relief from Probation 2012-04-11 DO00414
Beaupre, Stephen, MD Reprimand 2018-08-08 MD08158
Bergus, Boris, MD Reprimand 2013-10-04 MD07797
Blanchette, Edward, MD Reprimand 2017-11-08 MD13704
Boyle, Sarah, MD Revocation 2016-01-07 MD09609
Braden, William, MD Reprimand; Probation 2018-05-15 MD04690
Brard, Laurent, MD Petition to Stay Suspension 2010-11-17 MD10986
Brecher, Eric, MD Reprimand 2011-04-13 MD11146
Brutus, Roland, MD Consent Order 2013-08-14 MD05924
Buczko, George, MD Reprimand 2019-06-12 MD08536
Burchenal, David, MD Reprimand 2017-10-11 MD10842
Burlas, Regis, DO Consent Order 2016-07-13 DO00840
Calcatti, Javid., MD Reprimand 2018-04-11 MD10525
Chang, Daniel, MD Reprimand 2017-04-12 MD13397
Chang, Daniel, MD Suspension 2018-07-26 MD13397
Chang, Daniel, MD Reprimand 2018-11-14 MD13397
Chang, William, MD Voluntary Retirement 2012-07-11 MD06631
Chronley, David, MD Reprimand 2018-01-10 MD04859
Coburn, Michael, MD Summary Suspension 2013-01-03 MD08308
Coburn, Michael, MD Reinstatement 2014-02-12 MD08308
Collins, Daniel, MD Reprimand 2013-12-11 MD04612
Coppa, A. Michael, MD Reprimand 2015-08-12 MD08249
Corsi, John, DO Reprimand 2019-07-10 DO00371
Coscina, William, MD Reprimand 2015-07-08 MD06583
Creighton, William, T., MD Relief from Restrictions 2011-11-09 MD06288
Creighton, William, T., MD Reprimand 2014-11-12 MD06288
Crisafi, Bartel, MD Reprimand 2013-03-21 MD10663
Cullen, Edward, MD Voluntary Suspension 2012-05-09 MD06237
Cullen, Edward, MD Reinstatement 2014-08-13 MD06237
Cushing, Tyrone, S., MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2016-12-13 MD05103
D'Souza, Rikhi, DO Reprimand 2018-02-14 DO00354
David, Dave, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2012-09-25 MD13798
David, Dave, MD Reinstatement 2013-09-11 MD13798
DeFanti, Thomas, MD Consent Order 2019-05-08 Unlicensed
DeGruttola, Daniel Decision 2012-02-08 Applicant
Deluca, Joseph, A., MD Reprimand 2013-11-14 MD08086
Denier, James, MD Surrendered 2019-05-30 MD09802
Denier, James, MD Summary Suspension 2012-06-06 MD09802
Denier, James, MD Consent Order 2012-08-08 MD09802
DeRuosi, Joseph, MD Consent Order 2016-06-08 MD06956
Desai, Manish, MD Reprimand 2017-03-08 MD06391
Desai, Robert, MD Reprimand 2013-09-11 MD13649
Detorie, Frank, MD Reprimand 2013-05-08 MD04311
Disanto, David, MD Assurance of Discontinuance 2009-04-08 MD05417
Disanto, David, MD Reprimand 2015-11-18 MD05417
DiSanto, Vinson Reprimand 2018-01-10 DO00677
DiSanto, Vinson Summary Suspension 2019-04-25 DO00677
Dyer, Candace, MD Reprimand 2018-12-12 MD06126
Eden, Robert, MD Reprimand 2018-11-14 MD08724
Edoro, Okosun, MD Reprimand 2019-03-13 MD11918
Edoro, Okosun, MD Reprimand 2014-12-10 MD11918
Ellison, Kristin, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2012-04-11 MD10678
Ellison, Kristin, MD Consent Order 2013-08-14 MD10678
Erfe, Alberto, MD Reprimand 2014-09-10 MD04731
Fallon, Frank, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2016-05-16 MD09864
Fox, Robert, MD Reprimand 2018-02-14 MD09837
Frankel, Ellen, MD Reprimand 2016-07-13 MD07038
Gavalya, Richard, MD Reprimand 2016-03-09 MD04323
Gilbert, Richard, MD Reprimand 2019-01-09 MD14862
Gilson, Irving, MD Reprimand 2017-12-13 MD03444
Gilson, Irving, MD Reprimand 2015-04-08 MD03444
Gloor, James, MD Reprimand 2017-01-11 MD05692
Goccia, Richard, MD Probation 2013-06-26 MD12480
Goccia, Richard, MD Immediate Compliance Order 2013-10-16 MD12480
Goccia, Richard, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2015-12-04 MD12480
Golberg, John, MD Reprimand 2015-03-11 MD06202
Gordon, Robert, MD Reprimand 2017-11-08 MD04002
Gordon, Robert, MD Suspension Stayed 2018-03-29 MD04002
Gosper, James, A., MD Surrendered 2013-02-21 MD04587
Grande, Karen, MD Immediate Compliance Order 2012-12-04 MD09511
Graves, Robert, DO Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2014-02-27 DO00688
Grillo, Joseph, MD Suspension 2011-02-22 MD11095
Grillo, Joseph, MD Reinstatement 2014-01-08 MD11095
Grillo, Joseph, MD Reprimand 2015-03-11 MD11095
Grillo, Joseph, MD Surrendered 2015-10-13 MD11095
Groskin, Stephen, MD Reprimand 2013-12-11 MD12995
Guarnaccia, Joseph, MD Reprimand 2017-09-15 MD10454
Guilfoyle, Bryan, J., MD Denial of Reinstatement 2011-10-12 MD08830
Hahn, Suhdong, MD Reprimand 2013-12-11 MD04681
Haj-Darwish, Yusef, MD Reprimand 2013-03-13 MD09699
Hallberg, J. Andrew, MD Relief from Probation 2011-07-13 MD07302
Harkness, Donna, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2016-09-02 MD14525
Hasan, Razi, MD Reprimand 2014-05-14 MD10462
Heru, Michael, R., MD Consent Order 2018-06-13 MD08125
Hochberger, Daniel, A., MD Reprimand 2016-06-02 MD06637
Hookway, Bruce, MD Surrendered 2009-04-08 MD06037
Hookway, Bruce, MD Relief from Probation 2011-05-11 MD06037
Horwitz, Harold, MD Voluntary Retirement 2014-09-02 MD04102
Iacono, Vincent, R., MD Reprimand 2013-12-11 MD04352
Iannuccilli, Nicholas, MD Suspension 2010-01-14 MD04413
Iannuccilli, Nicholas, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2009-08-21 MD04413
Jain, Samir F. Consent Order 2006-08-09 LP01023
Joseph, Playkil, MD Reprimand 2017-11-13 MD08116
Kagan, Samuel, MD Reprimand 2017-08-09 MD08504
Khan, Hafeez, MD Reprimand 2015-07-08 MD10308
Khan, Jibran, MD Reinstatement 2010-06-09 MD09516
Khan, Jibran, MD Reinstatement 2009-01-14 MD09516
Khorsand-Ravan, Fairborz, MD Reprimand 2016-08-10 MD09948
Khorsand-Ravan, Fairborz, MD Suspension 2017-10-04 MD09948
Khorsand-Ravan, Fairborz, MD Reinstatement 2017-11-08 MD09948
King, Diane, MD Reprimand 2018-08-08 MD07639
King, Diane, MD Amended Order 2019-03-13 MD07639
Kohn, Robert, MD Reprimand 2017-10-11 MD07224
Kpea, Nomate, Toate, DO Summary Suspension 2011-10-31 DO00331
Krause, Norman, MD Reciprocal Action 2011-04-13 MD12557
Krensavage, Thaddeus, DO Reprimand 2016-09-14 DO00380
Kurl, RIta, MD Reprimand 2012-12-12 MD08896
Kwetkowski, Brian, DO Surrendered 2010-08-11 DO00498
Kwetkowski, Brian, DO Reinstatement 2011-03-08 DO00498
Kwetkowski, Brian, DO Restrictions 2012-01-11 DO00498
Kwetkowski, Brian, DO Amendment to License Reinstatement 2012-04-20 DO00498
Kyros, William, MD Decision 2018-11-14 MD06880
Kyros, William, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2009-08-14 MD06880
LaFazia, Frank, DO Reprimand 2015-02-11 DO00385
Lai, Chi Kuang, MD Probation 2014-08-13 MD09870
Lai, Chi Kuang, MD Reprimand 2016-03-09 MD09870
Lanphear, Clayton, III, DO Summary Suspension 2013-06-27 DO00272
Lanphear, Clayton, III, DO Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2013-09-23 DO00272
Latina, Joseph, MD Reprimand 2011-04-13 MD04105
Lee, Michael, MD Reprimand 2016-08-10 MD13800
Lee, Michael, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2014-11-12 MD13800
Lee, Michael, MD Reinstatement 2015-03-11 MD13800
Lee, Michael, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2015-05-21 MD13800
Lietzke, Christiana, MD Surrendered 2016-08-09 MD14828
Lu, Kang, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2019-05-16 MD14573
Luke, Michael, MD Reprimand 2015-11-18 MD06575
Lundy, William, Howard, MD Surrendered 2010-12-08 MD04900
Lupis, Francesco, MD Reprimand 2017-05-10 MD14486
Maddock, Philip, MD Reprimand 2015-11-18 MD06159
Maggiacomo, Frank, P., DO Reprimand 2017-10-11 DO00383
Maggiacomo, Frank, P., DO Immediate Compliance Order 2011-07-27 DO00383
Maggiacomo, Frank, P., DO Reprimand 2016-05-11 DO00383
Maher, Michael, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2014-05-14 MD08366
Main, Roy, M., MD Summary Suspension 2013-09-09 MD08042
Main, Roy, M., MD Reinstatement 2015-02-11 MD08042
Mann, Henry B., MD Consent Order 2013-08-14 MD06882
Marvell, Philemon, T., MD Summary Suspension 2012-03-19 MD05394
Marvell, Philemon, T., MD Revocation 2012-06-13 MD05394
Mashali, Fathalla, MD Summary Suspension 2013-08-29 MD09332
Mastrostefano, Pasquale, MD Reprimand 2011-04-13 MD03995
Mayer, David, M., MD Relief from Probation 2011-03-09 MD05189
McCloy, Steven, MD Reprimand 2014-09-10 MD05160
McEvoy, Paula, MD Consent Order 2018-02-14 MD16156
McRae, Robert, MD Reprimand 2019-01-09 MD05604
Mekawy, Mohamed, A, MD Consent Order 2007-12-13 LF22042
Melnick, Simon, DO Reprimand 2014-08-13 DO00518
Milder, Lisa, DO Reprimand 2018-09-12 DO00423
Miller, Kennon, MD Reprimand 2015-03-11 MD11459
Millerick, Thomas, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2014-05-14 MD07313
Millerick, Thomas, MD Reinstatement 2014-11-12 MD07313
Montalvo-Ayala, Rafael, MD Reprimand 2017-11-08 MD12429
Montemarano, Vincent, MD Reprimand 2018-07-11 MD05077
Moonan, Denis, MD Reprimand 2014-07-09 MD05654
Moonan, Denis, MD Amended Order 2016-05-11 MD05654
Mysels, David, MD Reprimand 2019-09-14 MD13448
Nasseri, Afshin, MD Consent Order 2016-08-10 MD10174
Nasseri, Afshin, MD Suspension 2017-02-02 MD10174
Nasseri, Afshin, MD Suspension 2018-02-02 MD10174
Nasseri, Afshin, MD Suspension 2019-06-12 MD10174
Nasseri, Afshin, MD Summary Suspension 2011-08-22 MD10174
Nasseri, Afshin, MD Probation 2012-01-26 MD10174
Nasseri, Afshin, MD Amended Order 2012-11-15 MD10174
Nasseri, Afshin, MD Reprimand 2015-08-12 MD10174
O'Hair, James, P.,II, MD Summary Suspension 2011-06-01 MD08441
O'Toole, Maria, M., MD Reprimand 2010-10-13 MD06049
O'Toole, Maria, M., MD Reprimand 2015-04-08 MD06049
Opalenski, Philip, J., MD Reprimand 2013-09-11 MD05679
Ossiani, Mohammad, MD Reprimand 2016-12-13 MD14466
Ossiani, Mohammad, MD Reprimand 2018-08-08 MD14466
Paletta, Frank, MD Amended Immediate Compliance Order 2013-04-19 MD10576
Pancholi, Yogesh, MD Summary Suspension 2011-04-13 MD10616
Pancholi, Yogesh, MD Reinstatement 2013-09-11 MD10616
Paolella, Robert, A., MD Summary Suspension 2011-04-19 MD08017
Pareek, Gyan, MD Reprimand 0000-00-00 MD11734
Parmentier, Arthur, MD Surrendered 2016-10-27 MD09179
Parrilla, Todd, DO Surrendered 2013-10-09 DO00494
Pasquarello, George, DO Reprimand 2016-11-09 DO00566
Patel, Amrut, MD Reprimand 2017-07-12 MD06701
Perry, Curtis J., MD Relief from Probation 2010-10-10 MD07729
Perry, Keith, MD Reprimand 2014-07-09 MD07817
Perry, Keith, MD Reprimand 2016-01-13 MD07817
Petito, Anthony, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2010-09-09 MD09730
Petteruti, Stephen, J., DO Reprimand 2016-11-09 DO00413
Petteruti, Stephen, J., DO Compliance Order 2019-05-16 DO00413
Pezzullo, Steven, MD Summary Suspension 2012-08-03 MD05845
Pharmakidis, Angelo, MD Reprimand 2010-08-11 MD05637
Pond, Soneath, MD Reprimand 2013-06-12 MD010102
Powers, Donya, MD Surrendered 2016-12-31 MD06532
Powers, Donya, MD Probation 2009-05-13 MD06532
Powers, Donya, MD Compliance Order 2014-09-23 MD06532
Powers, Donya, MD Administrative Order and Decision 2016-05-25 MD06532
Purins, Erik, P., MD Restrictions 2016-06-08 MD07641
Purins, Erik, P., MD Surrendered 2019-01-24 MD07641
Purins, Erik, P., MD Amended Order 2019-04-10 MD07641
Rajabiun, Taghi, MD Surrendered 2016-11-21 MD04041
Ram, Suraj, MD Probation 2017-10-11 MD16048
Rebovich, Gayle, MD Reprimand 2015-05-13 MD15030
Rebovich, Gayle, MD Amended Order 2016-05-11 MD15030
Rintels, Peter, MD Immediate Compliance Order 2017-10-31 MD07910
Rintels, Peter, MD Reprimand 2018-01-10 MD07910
Rivera, Ricardo, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2018-06-13 MD13519
Robertson, Alexander, III, MD Reprimand 2013-10-09 MD10768
Robertson, Alexander, III, MD Reprimand 2015-01-14 MD10768
Rocco, Thomas, MD Reprimand 2018-12-12 MD09898
Rocha, Anthony, V., MD Reprimand; Probation 2010-12-08 MD05196
Rodgers, Joseph, MD Reprimand 2018-06-13 MD10279
Rodgers, Joseph, MD Reprimand 2010-10-04 MD10279
Rodriguez-Peris, Emilio Consent Order 2018-07-11 MD10391
Roland, Fredy, P., MD Probation 2011-12-14 MD06717
Roland, Fredy, P., MD Restrictions 2012-03-08 MD06717
Roland, Fredy, P., MD Consent Order 2012-04-11 MD06717
Rosenbaum, Arnold, MD Reprimand 2018-11-14 MD04446
Rosenberg, Jerrold, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2017-05-12 MD07222
Rosenberg, Jerrold, MD Reprimand 2014-09-10 MD07222
Rosenberg, Jerrold, MD Reprimand 2016-04-13 MD07222
Rotelli, Anthony, J., MD Reprimand 2017-11-08 MD04945
Rotelli, Anthony, J., MD Reprimand 2014-08-13 MD04945
Sampath, Prakash, MD Reprimand 2010-08-11 MD10126
Sappington, John, S., MD Amended Order 2017-06-14 MD09034
Sappington, John, S., MD Amended Order 2018-04-11 MD09034
Sappington, John, S., MD Suspension 2018-09-24 MD09034
Sappington, John, S., MD Summary Suspension 2018-10-09 MD09034
Sappington, John, S., MD Surrendered 2019-02-13 MD09034
Schechter, Steven, MD Reprimand 2017-08-09 MD07432
Schwartz, Carl, MD Reprimand 2015-07-08 MD07124
Solberg, Monissa, MD Surrendered 2018-08-07 MD14574
Solberg, Monissa, MD Reinstatement 2019-02-13 MD14574
Southiere, Jr., George, A., MD Relief from Probation 2010-09-08 MD09907
Souza, Michael, DO Immediate Compliance Order 2019-04-25 DO00446
Steigman, David, MD Reprimand 2012-10-10 MD07355
Stein, Barry, MD Reprimand 2015-09-09 MD06565
Stoll, David, B., MD Reprimand 2012-09-24 MD06416
Stone, Andrew, C., MD Amended Order 2018-02-14 MD12105
Stone, Andrew, C., MD Summary Suspension 2006-12-21 MD12105
Stone, Andrew, C., MD Revocation Vacated 2015-02-11 MD12105
Sucov, Andrew, MD Reprimand 2015-05-13 MD07984
Susset, Jacques, MD Reprimand 2012-09-12 MD05585
Susset, Jacques, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2014-05-14 MD05585
Tambakis-Odom, Constance, MD Reprimand 2019-07-10 MD15716
Thompson, William, MD Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2015-07-14 MD13812
Thran, Alexandra, MD Reprimand 2011-04-13 MD10960
To, King, MD Reprimand 2016-10-12 MD07985
Toback, Neil., MD Reprimand 2019-09-14 MD04272
Tu, Steve, DO Probation 2009-10-14 DO00602
Turner, Joseph, DO Reprimand 2012-12-12 DO00558
Turner, Joseph, DO Amended Order 2013-09-11 DO00558
Urban, James, MD Suspension 2009-10-14 MD09760
Urban, James, MD Summary Suspension 2009-09-18 MD09760
Urban, James, MD Probation 2009-05-13 MD09760
Urban, James, MD Immediate Compliance Order 2009-03-09 MD09760
Uyesugi, Walter, DO Reprimand 2019-07-10 DO00644
VanDyke, David, DO Reprimand 2013-12-11 DO00342
Villarreal, Robert, MD Summary Suspension 2011-08-04 MD13216
Wang, Xiaona Compliance Order 2018-02-21 Unlicensed
Weinstein, Paul, D., MD Summary Suspension 2009-04-27 MD10115
Weinstein, Paul, D., MD Consent Order 2009-05-19 MD10850
Zizza, Vincent, DO Consent Order 2018-08-08 DO00487
Zizza, Vincent, DO Summary Suspension 2018-08-08 DO00487
Zizza, Vincent, DO Reprimand 2014-07-09 DO00487