Recent Actions (within the past 60 Days)

This is a listing of disciplinary actions against individuals or facilities licensed by the Department of Health to provide healthcare. Actions that are under investigation are not included in this database. Information about investigations of, and compliance orders issued to, hospitals and nursing homes are not listed here.

Type Name Sanction License
Physician Lee, Michael Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2015-05-21 MD13800
Physician Sucov, Andrew Reprimand 2015-05-13 MD07984
Physician Baaklini, Michael Reprimand 2015-05-13 MD07640
Chemical Dependency Professional Chartier, Becky Suspension 2015-05-08 CDP00426
Athletic Trainer Garvey, Ansel Reprimand 2015-04-27 AT000394
Nurse Dragon, Susan Reinstatement 2015-04-22 RN28203
Pharmacist Burnham, Gerald Reprimand 2015-04-16 RPH04090
Nurse Woods, Debra Reprimand 2015-04-13 RN27928
Physician O'Toole, Maria, M., MD Reprimand 2015-04-08 MD06049
Physician Gilson, Irving Reprimand 2015-04-08 MD03444
Nursing Assistant Bello, Zaira Revocation 2015-04-02 NA43516
Veterinarian Graham, Floyd Reprimand 2015-03-30 DVM00176