Healthcare Quality

All healthcare is not created equal. Patients with better care recover more quickly from illness or procedures and are more likely to stay well. Consumers can shop for quality care.

What you should do

  • Select healthcare providers that perform well.
  • Call or visit rehab or nursing home or other residential facilities, if possible, and ask questions.

What we do

Inspect facilities

The Center for Health Facility Regulation inspects healthcare facilities to ensure that they adhere to state and federal standards. Contact us to learn more about a facility’s inspection results.

Collect claims data

The All Payer Claims Database Program compiles health insurance claims from private insurers, Medicaid, and Medicare in one central database to support the study and comparison of healthcare utilization, cost, quality, and trends.

Measure clinical quality and patient satisfaction

Our Healthcare Quality Reporting Program, created by provides information about providers’ performance, such as quality of care and patient satisfaction. You can access information about home health agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, and physicians and other licensed independent practitioners.