Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System


To identify and monitor selected maternal attitudes, behaviors and experiences before, during, and after pregnancy.

What we do

  • Collaborate with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System program.
  • Select Rhode Island mothers who recently gave birth randomly to receive the survey by mail.
  • Survey all mothers who deliver a low birth weight infants.
  • Encourage a high response rate by: sending a gift card with the survey in appreciation for anticipated participation; remailing the survey two more times to women who do not respond, calling women who still do not respond to offer opportunity to complete the survey over the telephone.
  • Provide the surveys and interviews in both English and Spanish.
  • Identify women and infants populations at high risk for health problems.
  • Monitor unintended pregnancy, prenatal care, breastfeeding, smoking, drinking, and infant health.
  • Measure progress towards public health goals for improving the health of mothers and infants.
  • Develop new, and modify existing, maternal and child health programs.
  • Help health professionals incorporate new research findings into standards of practice