To perform DNA testing on crime scene evidence, all of RI’s convicted felons and violent crime arrestees and upload these profiles into the FBI’s DNA database, the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) to assist in criminal investigations.

What we do

  • Extract and generate DNA profiles from evidence samples and database samples using the current FBI core loci.
  • Compare evidentiary DNA profiles to reference samples taken from a victim or suspect.
  • Upload eligible case profiles, convicted felons, and arrestees, to CODIS and compare any potential matches.
  • Notify law enforcement of eligible matches to aid their investigation, both in RI and other states.


  • First laboratory in New England to successfully gain ISO 17025: 2005 national accreditation to by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB). This accreditation has been maintained for the last thirteen years. This laboratory was the first in New England to transition to the new and more rigorous ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards.
  • Maintains a relatively large CODIS database when compared to other states with similar populations.
  • Data compiled from the DNA/CODIS program since inception: number of RI convicted felons in national CODIS DNA database: 27,103 number of RI violent crime arrestees in national CODIS DNA database: 447 number of RI investigations aided: 645. The National DNA Index (NDIS) contains over 14,287,909 convicted offender DNA profiles, 4,058,033 arrestee profiles, and 1,040,573 forensic (crime scene) profiles as of July, 2020. As of that date, CODIS has produced over 524,257 hits (database matches) assisting 512,917 investigations. (Source: fbi.gov)