State Health Laboratory Spotlights

Rhode Island's State Health laboratory enhances public health everyday. The work of the state health laboratory touches the lives of Rhode Islanders in many ways.

Inside the state health lab processing COVID-19 tests

RIDOH gives a look inside labs processing COVID-19 tests

RI officials scramble to contain deadly virus

Officials in Rhode Island are working to contain the spread of the mosquito-borne virus Eastern Equine Encephalitis, or EEE, as cases continue to spike across the US.

Other Spotlights

Looking at a bigger picture for opioids.

In Rhode Island, the State Health Laboratories tests drugs specimens linked to nonfatal opioid overdoses to eliminate a blind spot in public health surveillance. This data is used to discern drug use trends, inform public education efforts, identify novel opioids and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions. more

How autopies play a key role in cracking Rhode island cold cases.

Inside the basement of the Rhode Island Department of Health laboratory, front line investigators uncover clues that can help solve homicides. “We are practically starting the investigation at the same time police do,” former state Medical Examiner Alexander Chirkov said. From digital photographs of autopsies to gun powder residue to evidence storage – the Rhode Island State Health Laboratory assists with every deadly investigation. video and article