Forensic Biology


To identify potential sources of DNA on evidence submitted by law enforcement in order to aid criminal investigations.

What we do

  • •Examine and test evidentiary items such as sexual assault evidence collection kits, weapons, clothing, and swabs collected in connection with a variety of crimes.
  • •Identify DNA sources such as blood, other bodily fluids and debris that can be compared to a potential suspect or victim and entry into the FBI’s DNA database, CODIS, if appropriate. .
  • Work closely with investigators to determine the probative value of evidence and evaluate findings.
  • Collaborate with Day One and other agencies to promote awareness and proper evidence collection in sexual assault cases.
  • Work closely with the Rhode Island Cold Case Task Force by providing expertise and assistance to police agencies interested in further testing of biological evidence related to cold, unsolved violent crimes. Using newer technologies and techniques, the laboratory has assisted in several cold cases by providing new investigative leads to aid the police investigation.


  • Implemented a highly sensitive method to detect male DNA in sexual assault cases
  • Lauded by Day One as a model laboratory with regard to timely processing of sexual assault evidence despite an increase in overall submissions.