Mobile Integrated Health and Community Paramedicine Program


To provide resources for planning and implementing a Mobile Integrated Healthcare and/or Community Paramedicine Program in Rhode Island. The goal: lower costs, improve the lives of patients and enable EMS practitioners–including EMTs, Paramedics and Community Paramedics–to use their skills and resources to help solve the problems facing healthcare systems and communities.

What we do

  • Assist EMS agencies and practitioners in understanding Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine (MIH-CP) program goals, guidelines and statements.
  • Enhance the opportunity to bridge existing healthcare systems or resources, and filling the resource gaps within the local community.
  • Encourage a Data driven initiative where data is collected and analyzed to develop evidence-based performance measures, research and benchmarking opportunities.
  • Promote integration by incorporating multiple providers, both clinical and non-clinical, in meeting the holistic needs of patients who are either enrolled in or referred to MIH programs.
  • Educate appropriately – including more specialized education of community paramedicine and other MIH providers, with the approval of regulators or local stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with EMS agencies in the development of their MIH/CP plans and goals.
  • Establish minimum standards for MIH/CP Programs.