All-Payer Claims Database Data Release Review Board

The Data Release Review Board is an 11-member, multi-disciplinary advisory Board to the Director of the Department of Health. This Board advises the Director on protecting patient privacy when releasing detailed data from HealthFacts RI, Rhode Island's All-Payer Claims Database, to the public.


Review requests for data to ensure that the identity of individuals is protected.

What we do

  • Review the format of analytic datasets to be made available on the Department's website, to ensure that privacy is protected.
  • Review applications for detailed data extracts, which contan more sensitive data.
  • Ensure that member, patient and payer-specific claims payment amounts are safeguarded including if any other available data could be used to re-identify the member, patient or payer-specific claims payment amounts.
  • Give written notice to the applicant within fifteen days of a decision if denied, including a basis for the denial.

Board Members

The Board has members representing health insurers, healthcare facilities, healthcare consumers, physicians, privacy advocacy organizations, researchers and state agenices.

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