Oral Health and Nutrition


Healthy nutrition habits affect our overall health– including our teeth and gums! It is important to eat more foods like fruits and vegetables and avoid sugary foods and drinks. This page provides information for dental providers to encourage their patients to make health nutrition decisions and also gives ideas for how parents and caregivers can support their child in creating healthy habits to keep them healthy and cavity-free!

How Dental Providers Can Help

Dental providers, including dental hygienists, can help their patients reduce tooth decay by promoting healthy nutrition decisions. Hygienists are well-respected members of the health care team and learning strategies for change can help empower parents.

Resources for Individuals and Families

By working together, families can help each other eat healthy and have great oral health! Below are some documents to learn more:

  • There are many recipes for meals and snacks that are healthy and do not add sugar. MORE
  • Sugar-sweetened beverages carry health risks and cause cavities. MORE
  • The American Dental Association supports healthy drinks and good nutrition for oral health and overall health. MORE
  • Drinking tap water is the best beverage choice for you and your family. MORE
  • Good nutrition matters for children at EVERY stage of life. MORE