Recent Actions/Orders (within the past 60 Days)

This is a listing of disciplinary actions/orders against individuals or facilities licensed by the Department of Health to provide healthcare. Actions/orders that are under investigation are not included in this database.

Type Name Sanction License
Nursing Assistant Hazim Romero, Michel Reprimand 2024-05-21 NA54257
Nursing Assistant Reid, Jayda Reprimand 2024-05-21 NA59907
Nursing Assistant Irby, Tramaine, Jose Reprimand 2024-05-21 NA60139
Massage McGirr, Patrick Summary Suspension 2024-05-16 MT00899
Nursing Assistant Igle, Ebony Decision 2024-05-15 NA39406
Nursing Assistant Scanlon, Christina Revocation 2024-05-15 NA42354
Nursing Assistant Alves, Maria Probation 2024-05-15 NA50098
Nursing Assistant Diop, Mohamed Relief from Suspension 2024-05-14 NA38050
Nursing Dubois, Amelinda Probation 2024-05-13 RN38934
Physician Thomas, Anthony, DO Reprimand 2024-05-08 DO00360
Physician Souza, Michael, DO Probation 2024-05-08 DO00446
Emergency Medical Services Aina, Jasmeen Probation 2024-05-03 EMT16779
Nursing Assistant Sampson, Kaylee Consent Order 2024-05-03 NA35296-T
Emergency Medical Services Rafuse, Caitlin, M. Probation 2024-05-02 EMT18469
Nursing Assistant Almonte Marte De Reilly, Luz Reprimand 2024-05-01 NA54601
Massage Dorval, Michael Voluntary Surrender 2024-04-29 MT01868
Nursing Assistant Sanchez Luzon, Maria Reprimand 2024-04-26 NA58510
Nursing Assistant Pike, Shilbey Reprimand 2024-04-17 MAD03383
Nursing Assistant Tomar, Dhamani Reprimand 2024-04-17 NA57691
Physician Powell, Steven, MD Revocation 2024-04-10 MD16303
Physician Ferreira, Jason, MD Reprimand 2024-04-10 MD13895
Physician Assistant Wilson, Brandon Voluntary Agreement not to Practice 2024-04-09 PA01268
Massage Park, Hye Summary Suspension 2024-04-08 MT00937
Massage Williams, Sun Summary Suspension 2024-04-08 MT01027
Nursing Assistant DeLaCruz, Martina Reprimand 2024-04-08 NA47930
Psychology Hoefliger Gallo, Catherine Probation 2024-04-08 PS01051
Nursing Assistant Marsella, Kayla Reprimand 2024-04-04 NA50795