Recent Actions/Orders (within the past 60 Days)

This is a listing of disciplinary actions/orders against individuals or facilities licensed by the Department of Health to provide healthcare. Actions/orders that are under investigation are not included in this database.

Type Name Sanction License
Massage Dorval, Michael Summary Suspension 2022-06-24 MT01868
Nursing Assistant Barrientos, Alejandra Reprimand 2022-06-16 NA050231
Pharmacy Women & Infants Hospital of RI Probation 2022-06-16 PHB00020
Pharmacy Morgantini, Angelo Probation 2022-06-16 RPH04698
Pharmacy CVS Pharmacy 8320 Probation 2022-06-16 PHA00501
Nursing Assistant Mincey, Erica Decision 2022-06-14 NA55566
Physician Palumbo, Theodore, MD Reprimand 2022-06-08 MD08962
Nursing Lemire, Kimberly Revocation 2022-05-23 RN57711
Nursing Alves, Crystal Voluntary Surrender 2022-05-09 RN53205