Healthy Weight: Information for Health Providers & Insurers

Healthcare providers and insurers can help patients eat smart and move more! Healthcare providers play a major role in obesity prevention. Insurers can make sure providers are able to effectively address obesity prevention and treatment with their patients by reimbursing for preventive services such as visits with a dietitian and behavioral counseling.

What you should do

Ensure coverage of preventive services, such as nutrition and behavioral counseling and patient reimbursement of weight management program costs

  • Cover for in-office counseling or other services like dietitian visits, fitness center incentives, incentives for participating in a CSA (community supported agriculture) or weight loss programs
  • Provide adequate reimbursement for nutrition and physical activity services regardless of whether the service is a medically supervised program of weight reduction/maintenance, or nutrition counseling

Implement evidence-based techniques in your practices

  • Address strategies that are focused on overweight and obesity before the onset of additional health conditions, such as motivational interviewing and anticipatory guidance more
  • Use tips from the Eat Smart Move More brochure which includes resources for patients with chronic diseases