Healthy Weight and Asthma

Children and adults with asthma are more likely to be overweight and obese than people without asthma. People with asthma are often less active due to difficulty breathing. Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Children should exercise for their growth and development. Adults should exercise to maintain good health. Moderate physical activity may lessen the impact of asthma symptoms. Talk to your doctor about the best ways to manage asthma while exercising. An improved diet may also help to keep your asthma symptoms under control. more

A healthy weight will help you. . .

  • Decrease dependence on asthma medications
  • Improve lung function
  • Increase adrenal function
  • Lessen acid reflux
  • Improve overall health status
  • Reduce sleep apnea

Tips for persons with asthma . . .

  • Talk with your doctor before beginning any physical activity or nutrition programs. Medication needs may change with physical activity.
  • Avoid eating processed foods whenever possible as they may trigger or increase asthma symptoms.
  • Be cautious of exercise-induced asthma.
  • Select asthma friendly physical activities. For example, swimming is a popular sport for asthmatics due to the warm, humid atmosphere.
  • Choose walking, leisure biking and hiking as they are not likely to cause exercise-induced asthma.
  • Avoid cold weather activities such as cross-country skiing and ice hockey, as they are likely to aggravate airways.