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Licensing Information for Lead Inspection Professionals

Licensed Environmental Lead Inspectors, Environmental Lead Assessors, and Lead Inspectors-in-training have different licensing requirements and are authorized to perform different types of lead inspections and assessments.


Specific training, licensing, and work requirements for lead inspection professionals are available in the state regulations.

Certified Environmental Lead Laboratories

Lead inspection professionals that require testing of environmental samples of lead in paint, dust, soil, and water must use a certified environmental lead laboratory.

Types of Licensed Professionals

Rhode Island Licensed Environmental Lead Inspector

Rhode Island Licensed Environmental Lead Inspectors can conduct Comprehensive Environmental Lead Inspections, Clearance Inspections, Lead Hazard Mitigation Inspections, and Annual Reinspections. Inspectors can issue Partial, Conditional, or Full Lead-Safe Certificates and Certificates of Lead Conformance for units that meet the inspection requirements. They can also conduct Limited Environmental Lead Inspections to look for lead in paint, drinking water, interior dust, or exterior soil.

Environmental Lead Assessor

Environmental Lead Assessors are certified to conduct lead assessments and cite properties for environmental lead hazards within the jurisdiction of their employers. They must have authority to enforce housing, occupational health, child welfare, and/or environmental standards under federal, state, and/or local laws or regulations. more

Lead Inspector-in-Training

Lead inspector-in-training have successfully completed a certified Lead Inspector training course, passed the Lead Inspector Department examination, and obtained a license to conduct a supervised apprenticeship to meet the requirements for a Lead Inspector license. They cannot complete any type of inspection and cannot issue certificates.