STI and HIV testing - 1,2,3 steps

HIV Testing

We can help you

  • Find out if you have been infected with HIV

How it works

Testing sites will ensure your confidentiality before taking a blood sample. The HIV test looks for the presence of HIV antibodies. If present, the person is HIV-infected. A rapid test can be done using only a finger stick sample of blood and only takes 20 minutes. It is used as a screening tool. If it comes back positive, you need to take another blood test to confirm the results.

At-Home HIV Tests are available to order free of charge from APRI. In addition, HIV testing is available by speaking to your primary care provider.

Who we help

Sexually active people between the ages of 13 to 64 who have never had an HIV test.


Free or low cost and covered by most health insurance.

Where to get HIV Testing

AIDS Care Ocean State. website 401-781-0665

  • Providence

AIDS Project RI (APRI) website 401-831-5522

  • Providence

Community Care Alliance website 401-235-7000

  • Providence
  • Woonsocket

Miriam Hospital STI Clinic website 401-793-4715

  • Providence

Project Weber/RENEW website 401-383-4888

  • Pawtucket
  • Providence

Sojourner House website 401-861-6191

  • Providence