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Our Family Visitor offer free support to moms-to-be, parents, and babies.

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Family Visiting Referral Information for Providers

Referrals help a family grow

Family Visiting services offered by the Rhode Island Department of Health are available to all expecting parents and those with children under age four. The goal is to enroll families in Family Visiting as early in pregnancy as possible—because the earlier we connect with them, the more support and services they can receive. Referral Form

What healthcare and social service providers should do

Understand the benefits of Family Visiting

Family Visiting programs are evidence-based and have demonstrated improvements in a wide range of maternal and child health outcomes. Family Visitors can also refer families for a wide range of community services and support. Check out our videos of families describing the benefits of Family Visiting in their own words.

Talk about Family Visiting with your patients and clients

The way in which you present the idea of family visiting is crucial to a family’s interest in participating. Talk about Family Visiting as something a family might find supportful; not as something they “should” do.

  • Explain why you recommend Family Visiting, and share some of the benefits.
  • Emphasize that services are free and the location is flexible... at home, in the neighborhood, at the provider's office, etc.
  • Offer examples of how Family Visiting can help address specific concerns voiced by the family.
  • Ask questions that will evoke the parent's understanding and motivation. Affirm and summarize the parent's response.
  • Explain that our referral will set the process in motion, and that a Family Visitor will contact them to schedule a meeting. Ask for the parent's preferred method of follow-up contact.

Refer patients and clients to Family Visiting

If you feel a pregnant women or family would benefit from support or services in their home, please call our Resource and Referral Specialist at 401-222-4609, or you can order referral forms from our distribution center, and fax completed forms to an agency in thir community.

Order free referral and outreach materials for your office

Materials are available through our online ordering system.