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Our Family Visitor offer free support to parent/caregivers-to-be, parents, and babies.

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Family Visiting Referral Information for Providers

Two mothers with their toddler

Understand the benefits of Family Visiting

Family Visiting programs are evidence-based and have demonstrated improvements in a wide range of maternal and child health outcomes. Family Visitors can also refer families for a wide range of community services and support.

Talk about Family Visiting with your patients and clients

The way in which you present the idea of family visiting is crucial to a family’s interest in participating. Talk about Family Visiting as something a family might find supportful; not as something they “should” do.

  • Explain why you recommend Family Visiting, and share some of the benefits.
  • A father with his toddlers
  • Emphasize that services are free and the location is flexible... at home, in the neighborhood, at the provider's office or virtually.
  • Offer examples of how Family Visiting can help address specific concerns voiced by the family.
  • Ask questions that will evoke the parent's understanding and motivation. Affirm and summarize the parent's response.
  • Explain that our referral will set the process in motion, and that a Family Visitor will contact them to schedule a meeting. Ask for the parent's preferred method of follow-up contact.

Refer patients and clients to Family Visiting

If you feel a pregnant person or family would benefit from support or services in their home, please call our information line 222-5960, or you can fax a referral form to 222-5688, or send a referral through UniteUS.