Tuberculosis Information for Healthcare Workers

The state requires healthcare workers (and others who have direct contact with patients) in licensed healthcare facilities to be tested for Tuberculosis. regulations

What you must do

Certify that you do not have TB to start work

Before you can work in a healthcare facility you must certify that you are not contagious for TB. You must have had two consecutive negative tuberculin skin tests using purified protein derivative (PPD). If the first test result is negative, you may begin to work but the second test must be given in one to three weeks after the first. It the tests are conducted before employment they may be further, but not more than a year apart.

If you ever have had a positive PPD test you are required to provide proof from a physician that you are now symptom-free to be hired as a healthcare worker. more

Submit to Regular TB Screening

You may be required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act to have routine TB skin tests during your employment. The frequency of the testing depends on the risk of exposure to TB.

What we are doing

If you have a positive PPD skin test (first or second step), you will be referred to a physician to rule out the possibility of active tuberculosis before you can begin to work in a healthcare facility. If you are uninsured, the RISE Clinic will assist you in your treatment and services.