Beach Risks Observed by Volunteer Groups


To inform the public when data and observations from pre-qualified volunteer groups and our own sampling of non-licensed beaches indicate that risks to public health are present at beaches and other coastal swimming areas in Rhode Island.

Volunteer Partners

  • Clean Ocean Access is a nonprofit organization with the vision of a clean, healthy ocean that is accessible to all. They conduct water quality monitoring every Thursday, year-round, at many coastal recreational sites on and near Aquidneck Island. Their Community Access Volunteer web page and annual report detail survey methods, provide a full list of sample sites, and presents all results.
  • Save the Bay is an independent, member-supported, nonprofit organization with a mission to protect and improve Narragansett Bay. They envision a fully swimmable, fishable, healthy Narragansett Bay, accessible to all. They collect weekly water quality samples at several upper Narragansett Bay sites, for analysis at the State Laboratory. Results are reported directly to the RIDOH Recreational Waters Program.
  • URI Watershed Watch is a scientist-led water quality monitoring program designed to provide local communities with credible information to help them manage their water resources. Details, including monitoring and analytical methods, sites and data can be found at

Key Information

Reporting water quality risk information from volunteer monitoring programs is consistent with objectives of their monitoring programs and the RIDOH Recreational Waters Program.  Please use contact information associated with the information provided in the table below if you have questions or concerns, and refer to the websites for each organization.

Collection Period

Beach season 2021.

Rhode Island Numbers

Beach Risk Information from Volunteer Monitoring for Rhode Island Recreational Waters.

Information is reported by our pre-qualified partners. RIDOH cannot endorse/verify specific observations.