Healthy Communities

The health of our communities contributes to our health. Healthy communities have affordable access to:

  • Air, water, and land that is clean and safe;
  • Healthy housing;
  • Locally grown food, fresh produce, and healthy food;
  • Transportation options including: buses, well-maintained sidewalks, and bike paths;
  • Healthcare facilities that the meet local needs;
  • Quality childcare;
  • Schools that promote health, and well-being;
  • Parks, open spaces, and atheletic facilities;
  • Recreational, cultural, and artistic opportunities;
  • Restrictions on the sale of alcohol, and tobacco;
  • Peaceful streets without violence;
  • Ability to respond to emergencies;
  • Safe work places;
  • A fair, open community planning process.

What you can do

  • Assess your community's health;
  • Engage stakeholders to promote health equity among all our communities.