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  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
    CLIA Certificate of Compliance for High Complexity Clinical Laboratory
  • EPA Environmental Protection Agency
    Ambient Air and Drinking Water Testing
  • ISO17025 Forensic Sciences Laboratories
    Federal Bureau of Investigations DNA Analysis & CODIS
  • United States Food & Drug Administration
    Dairy Product and detail.php?pgm_id=164 Testing
  • Rhode Island Department of Health - In-State Analytical Laboratory Certificate
  • Rhode Island Department of Health - In-State Clinical Laboratory License

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Clinical Specimen Submission Guidance

The Rhode Island State Health Laboratory provides this guidance to describe the current diagnostic procedures performed, and required submission information. Individual pages corresponding to frequently submitted specimens may be printed for your reference from the pull-down menu. As changes in procedures and protocols occur, the guide will be updated. Note that some testing has an associated fee.

What Laboratories should do

  • Know which specimens need to be submitted.
  • Follow the specific submission guidance for each laboratory test.
Clinical Specimen Submission