Pharmacy Disciplinary Actions

This list includes: Pharmacists, Pharmacy-Non-Residential, Pharmacy-Retail, Limited 'Pharmacists (Intern), Pharmacist Tech Trainee-In Training, Pharmacist Technician, Pharmacist Tech 1, and Pharmacist Tech 2.

Type Name Sanction License
Pharmacist AlAmir, Racha Reprimand 2009-10-28 RPH04788
Pharmacist Albanese, Aldo Reprimand 1987-06-09 RPH01580
Pharmacist Tech Trainee-In Training Allen, Erica Revocation 2005-06-12 PHT01059T
Pharmacist Allen, Victor, J. Reprimand 1998-12-08 RPH01838
Pharmacy-Retail Alpha Drug Company Surrendered 1985-09-25 PHA00058
Pharmacist Technician Altieri, Melissa Suspension 2004-02-18 PHT00324
Pharmacist Ames, Neil Reprimand 1996-03-29 RPH02085
Pharmacist Anness, Bridget, A. Probation 1989-04-07 RPH03005
Pharmacy-Retail Apothecare Compounding Solutions Immediate Compliance Order 2012-03-23 PHA00524
Pharmacy-Retail Apothecare Compounding Solutions Reprimand 2012-05-17 PHA00524
Pharmacist Arnold, Laura Probation 2009-03-26 RPH04086
Pharmacist Arnold, Laura Suspension 2012-03-22 RPH04086
Pharmacist Arouth, Michael, V. Assurance of Discontinuance 1987-03-09 RPH01605
Pharmacist Arouth, Michael, V. Revocation 1988-04-15 RPH01605
Pharmacist Arouth, Michael, V. Reinstatement 1996-05-02 RPH01605
Pharmacist Arruda, Steven, J. Probation 1996-10-07 RPH03324
Pharmacist Arruda, Steven, J. Reprimand 2002-03-06 RPH03324
Pharmacist Arruda, Steven, J. Relief from Probation 2002-09-04 RPH03324
Pharmacist Arruda, Steven, J. Reprimand 2013-02-21 RPH03324
Pharmacist Arruda, Steven, M. (aka Chen, Steven, M.) Reprimand 1996-05-17 RPH02355
Pharmacist Arruda, Steven, M. (aka Chen, Steven, M.) Reprimand 2005-03-17 RPH02355
Pharmacist Arruda, Steven, M. (aka Chen, Steven, M.) Surrendered 2006-07-20 RPH02355
Pharmacist Asher, Elizabeth Reprimand 1996-03-21 RPH02673
Pharmacist Ashworth, Carl, J. Reprimand 2002-04-17 RPH02168
Pharmacist Technician Aurelio, Christine Surrendered 2003-03-19 PHT02159
Pharmacist Backer, Richard Reprimand 1988-02-19 RPH02043
Pharmacist Backer, Richard Relief from Probation 2012-01-17 RPH02043
Pharmacist Backer, Richard Probation 2012-05-17 RPH02043
Pharmacist Baddar, Nadeen Reprimand 2015-05-28 RPH05080
Pharmacist Technician Baker, Christopher Suspension 2003-07-10 PHT02053
Pharmacist Baker, Timothy Reprimand 1993-12-01 RPH02269
Pharmacist Barber, Geoffrey Reprimand 1993-12-09 RPH02604
Pharmacy-Retail Bayview Pharmacy Immediate Compliance Order 2012-11-16 PHA00373
Pharmacy-Retail Bayview Pharmacy Amended Order 2012-12-14 PHA00373
Pharmacy-Retail Bayview Pharmacy Reprimand 2014-05-22 PHA00373
Pharmacist Beckemeyer, Melanie Suspension 1995-09-15 RPH02780
Pharmacist Berard, Julie Reprimand 1999-11-10 RPH03522
Pharmacist Berry, Michael Reprimand 1995-07-12 RPH02165
Pharmacist Bianco, Andrea Reprimand 2011-09-15 RPH04200
Pharmacist Bianco, Margaret Reprimand 2013-02-21 RPH03062
Pharmacist Bilotti, William Reprimand 2012-06-21 RPH02045
Pharmacist Blais, Leo Reprimand 1997-04-14 RPH02605
Pharmacist Blais, Leo Probation 1999-01-12 RPH02605
Pharmacist Blais, Leo Amended Order 1999-09-17 RPH02605
Pharmacist Blais, Leo Probation 2000-03-16 RPH02605
Pharmacist Blais, Leo Relief from Probation 2000-07-20 RPH02605
Pharmacist Blais, Leo Summary Suspension 2012-03-23 RPH02605
Pharmacist Blais, Leo Reinstatement 2015-01-05 RPH02605
Pharmacy-Retail Block Island Pharmacy Surrendered 1997-04-07 PHA00090
Pharmacist Bogdan, Russell Reprimand 1995-01-09 RPH02103
Pharmacist Bouchard, Joanne Reprimand 1996-03-21 RPH02825
Pharmacist Boudreau, Denise Probation 1996-12-18 RPH03537
Pharmacist Boudreau, Denise Reprimand 2011-12-15 RPH03537
Pharmacist Bradshaw, Joseph Probation 2015-01-15 RPH02826
Pharmacist Brien, Donald, A. Reprimand 1993-12-09 RPH02164
Pharmacist Technician Brooks, Demetria Revocation 2006-12-21 PHT02575
Pharmacist Limited (Intern) Burakiewicz, Anna Probation 2013-11-21 PHL04089
Pharmacist Limited (Intern) Burakiewicz, Anna Relief from Probation 2014-06-19 PHL04089
Pharmacist Burnham, Gerald Reprimand 2015-04-16 RPH04090
Pharmacist Burns, Maureen Reprimand 1987-07-24 RPH02441
Pharmacist Cadden, Raymond Reprimand 1998-07-10 RPH01569
Pharmacist Caetano, Michelle Restrictions 2015-01-15 RPH05170
Pharmacist Cardarelli, Brian Reprimand 1998-12-08 RPH03997
Pharmacist Cardi, Vincenzo Suspension 2000-09-18 RPH02048
Pharmacist Carlone, Patricia Reprimand 1996-02-21 RPH02546
Pharmacist Carnevale, Walter Reprimand 1986-06-27 RPH01413
Pharmacist Carrera, Jeffrey Probation 1988-11-18 RPH02486
Pharmacist Carrera, Jeffrey Reprimand 1995-08-03 RPH02486
Pharmacist Carson, Stephen, L. Suspension 2002-04-29 RPH02610
Pharmacist Chari, Eugene Summary Suspension 2007-05-17 RPH02950
Pharmacist Chari, Eugene Suspension 2009-04-23 RPH02950
Pharmacist Chari, Eugene Reinstatement 2010-09-16 RPH02950
Pharmacist Chari, Eugene Relief from Probation 2013-06-20 RPH02950
Pharmacist Charie, Eugene Surrendered 1988-01-31 RPH02950
Pharmacist Charie, Eugene Reinstatement 1989-03-22 RPH02950
Pharmacist Charpentier, Robert Reprimand 1996-02-21 RPH02885
Pharmacist Chartier, Steven, B. Suspension 1997-10-02 RPH03192
Pharmacist Chen, Steven, M. (aka Arruda, Steven, M.) Reprimand 1996-05-17 RPH02355
Pharmacist Chen, Steven, M. (aka Arruda, Steven, M.) Reprimand 2005-03-17 RPH02355
Pharmacist Chen, Steven, M. (aka Arruda, Steven, M.) Surrendered 2006-07-20 RPH02355
Pharmacist Cianfarini, Gregory Reprimand 1997-06-02 RPH03585
Pharmacist Colarusso, Domenic Probation 2000-01-10 RPH01546
Pharmacist Colarusso, Domenic Reprimand 2003-04-16 RPH01546
Pharmacist Colarusso, Domenic Reprimand 2006-09-21 RPH01546
Pharmacist Colarusso, Domenic Summary Suspension 2008-05-06 RPH01546
Pharmacy-Retail Colonial Pharmacy Surrendered 1986-03-11 PHA00204
Pharmacist Columbo, John Reprimand 1995-08-03 RPH03509
Pharmacist Columbo, John Reprimand 1996-02-21 RPH03509
Pharmacist Consove, Deborah Reprimand 1999-11-07 RPH02783
Pharmacist Corvese, Ernest, D. Probation 2002-10-16 RPH02757
Pharmacist Corvese, Ernest, D. Relief from Probation 2004-10-31 RPH02757
Pharmacist Cosimini, Richard, F. Consent Order 1988-04-05 RPH01372
Pharmacist Cosimini, Richard, F. Probation 1990-05-11 RPH01372
Pharmacist Couture, Bryan Reprimand 2011-11-17 RPH04667
Pharmacist Cruser, Cynthia Probation 1997-08-13 RPH03812
Pharmacist Cruser, Cynthia Probation 2004-07-21 RPH03812
Pharmacist Currier, Richard Reprimand 2007-04-19 RPH02564
Pharmacy-Retail CVS #0670 Reprimand 2016-01-21 PHA00491
Pharmacy-Retail CVS #1042 Reprimand 2004-07-23 PHA00333
Pharmacy-Retail CVS #1042 Reinstatement 2004-10-21 PHA00333
Pharmacy-Retail CVS #2048 Reprimand 2016-01-21 PHA00482
Pharmacy-Retail CVS #351 Reprimand 2015-09-18 PHA00465
Pharmacy-Retail CVS #493 Reprimand 2014-11-20 PHA00469
Pharmacist D'Andrea, William Probation 2000-07-19 RPH01330
Pharmacist Daignault, Bradford Reprimand 2007-04-19 RPH04242
Pharmacist Danella, Lori Reprimand 2007-04-19 RPH04085
Pharmacist Danella, Lori Reprimand 2007-06-21 RPH04085
Pharmacist Davey, Keith Surrendered 1986-09-07 RPH03051
Pharmacist Davey, Keith Reinstatement 1992-02-03 RPH03051
Pharmacist Delsesto, Joseph Reprimand 2001-12-04 RPH01987
Pharmacist Depasquale, John Reprimand 1998-08-25 RPH01582
Pharmacist Depasquale, John Surrendered 2005-11-10 RPH01582
Pharmacist DeTomasis, Carmine, A. Reprimand 1996-10-15 RPH01548
Pharmacist DeTomasis, Carmine, A. Probation 2000-01-10 RPH01548
Pharmacist DeTomasis, Carmine, A. Summary Suspension 2008-05-06 RPH01548
Pharmacist Technician Dickervitz, Louise Revocation 2003-10-16 PHT02671
Pharmacist Dinicola, Vincent Surrendered 1986-06-30 RPH01581
Pharmacist Dinicola, Vincent Assurance of Discontinuance 1986-07-18 RPH01581
Pharmacist Dispigno, Vincent, W. Surrendered 1985-09-25 RPH02055
Pharmacist Dispigno, Vincent, W. Reprimand 2006-06-15 RPH02055
Pharmacist Doherty, Gwendolyn Surrendered 2003-01-15 RPH04005
Pharmacist Doherty, Gwendolyn Reinstatement 2003-06-18 RPH04005
Pharmacist Doherty, Gwendolyn Reinstatement 2006-07-20 RPH04005
Pharmacist Doherty, Gwendolyn Reinstatement 2008-03-20 RPH04005
Pharmacist Dombrowski, Gary Surrendered 2009-12-09 RPH02493
Pharmacist Dombrowski, Gary Reinstatement 2011-12-15 RPH02493
Pharmacist Doubrava, Edward Reprimand 1996-03-21 RPH03052
Pharmacy-Retail Duchesneau's Pharmacy Probation 1985-09-03 PHA00199
Pharmacist Duffy, Francis, H. Probation 2001-07-01 RPH01424
Pharmacist Duffy, Francis, H. Relief from Probation 2002-12-31 RPH01424
Pharmacist Durnan, Elizabeth Suspension 1998-10-06 RPH03933
Pharmacist Durnan, Elizabeth Amended Order 2000-05-17 RPH03933
Pharmacist Durnan, Elizabeth Suspension 2001-03-13 RPH03933
Pharmacist Durnan, Elizabeth Suspension 2002-03-06 RPH03933
Pharmacist Durnan, Elizabeth Reinstatement 2002-09-06 RPH03933
Pharmacist Durnan, Elizabeth Surrendered 2005-12-21 RPH03933
Pharmacist Durnan, Elizabeth Reinstatement 2007-06-21 RPH03933
Pharmacist Durnan, Elizabeth Surrendered 2007-12-20 RPH03933
Pharmacist Durnan, Elizabeth Probation 2010-03-18 RPH03933
Pharmacist Durnan, Elizabeth Reinstatement 2010-10-21 RPH03933
Pharmacist Durnan, Elizabeth Amended Order 2011-12-15 RPH03933
Pharmacist Durnan, Elizabeth Reinstatement 2015-06-18 RPH03933
Pharmacy-Retail East Side Prescription Center Probation 2012-05-17 PHA00209
Pharmacy-Retail East Side Prescription Center Relief from Probation 2013-01-17 PHA00209
Pharmacist Eitas, Vytautus, J. Reprimand 1996-02-21 RPH03159
Pharmacist Ellis, George, E. Surrendered 1988-08-09 RPH02288
Pharmacist Ellis, George, E. Reinstatement 1989-03-28 RPH02288
Pharmacist Enos, James Suspension 2009-10-07 RPH04196
Pharmacist Enos, Maribeth Probation 2012-12-20 RPH02394
Pharmacist Eustis, Scott, M. Probation 1984-11-19 RPH02338
Pharmacist Ferrucci, Richard Suspension 1988-03-18 RPH01754
Pharmacist Filippone, Robert Reprimand 2007-04-19 RPH04166
Pharmacist Flowers, Dennis Reprimand 1996-05-17 RPH01649
Pharmacist Folan, Jessica Reprimand 2003-04-16 RPH03950
Pharmacist Fontaine, C. Philip Revocation 1984-07-20 RPH01516
Pharmacist Fontaine, C. Philip Reinstatement 1985-10-30 RPH01516
Pharmacist Forcier, Robert Probation 1996-10-03 RPH02830
Pharmacist Forrest, Amy Reprimand 2007-04-19 RPH03912
Pharmacist Limited (Intern) Fortin, Ross Revocation 2004-02-18 PHL02965
Pharmacist Franco, Joseph Reprimand 1998-11-23 RPH03333
Pharmacist Frigault, Walter, A. Reprimand 1985-08-28 RPH01470
Pharmacist Funaro, Anthony, J. Probation 1995-04-06 RPH01646
Pharmacist Furman, Amy Reprimand 2015-05-28 RPH04781
Pharmacist Gabriele, Beatrice Reprimand 1996-01-11 RPH02087
Pharmacist Gabriele, Clodomiro Reprimand 1996-01-11 RPH01692
Pharmacist Garland, William Probation 1990-11-30 RPH01381
Pharmacist George, James Reprimand 2015-05-28 RPH04283
Pharmacist George, Stephen Reprimand 1997-09-22 RPH02267
Pharmacist Glidden, Jeffrey Reprimand 2003-09-17 RPH02907
Pharmacist Goodman, Joseph Probation 2004-04-10 RPH01994
Pharmacist Goodman, Joseph Relief from Probation 2005-07-08 RPH01994
Pharmacist Gormley, Edward Reprimand 1999-02-24 RPH01520
Pharmacist Griffin, Jeffrey Revocation 1989-10-06 RPH02820
Pharmacist Griffin, Jeffrey Probation 1996-12-30 RPH02820
Pharmacist Guerke, Lawrence, R. Probation 2010-12-16 RPH01995
Pharmacist Hamel, Lynn, E. Surrendered 1988-05-25 RPH02620
Pharmacist Hamel, Lynn, E. Reinstatement 1988-08-22 RPH02619
Pharmacist Hamm, Daniel, J. Summary Suspension 2011-04-22 RPH04963
Pharmacist Hayes, Christine Reprimand 2015-05-28 RPH03421
Pharmacist Henault, Paul, H. Suspension 1993-04-21 RPH02214
Pharmacist Henault, Paul, H. Reinstatement 1996-01-24 RPH02214
Pharmacist Tech Trainee-In Training Holder, Malcolm Reprimand 2006-04-20 PHT01347T
Pharmacist Hoskins, Nancy Probation 1996-12-09 RPH02778
Pharmacy-Retail Howell Smith Druggist Reprimand 2010-11-18 PHA00142
Pharmacist Iacobucci, Robert Probation 1987-12-22 RPH01826
Pharmacist Iannuccilli, Joseph Summary Suspension 2012-05-07 RPH04184
Pharmacist Iannuccilli, Joseph Suspension 2012-12-20 RPH04184
Pharmacist Iodice, Antonio Surrendered 1987-01-16 RPH01020
Pharmacist Jalbert, Norman Suspension 1996-04-20 RPH01540
Pharmacist Jones, Gina Reprimand 1996-09-05 RPH03406
Pharmacist Joyal, Barbara Reprimand 2013-02-21 RPH02580
Pharmacist Jussila, Peter Probation 2004-03-17 RPH03271
Pharmacist Kassabian, Michael Reprimand 2015-05-28 RPH04191
Pharmacist Kenna, George Surrendered 1997-03-04 RPH02644
Pharmacist Kenna, George Reinstatement 1998-04-03 RPH02644
Pharmacist Kenna, George Relief from Probation 2000-05-25 RPH02644
Pharmacist Kennedy, Barbara Reprimand 2000-01-25 RPH03547
Pharmacist Klein, Lynn Reprimand 1996-02-21 RPH03600
Pharmacist Koosherian, Bedros Reprimand 2002-04-17 RPH01552
Pharmacist Koosherian, Bedros Probation 2007-12-20 RPH01552
Pharmacist Kowal, Francis, J., Jr. Suspension 1987-01-05 RPH01957
Pharmacist Kozij, Jean Reprimand 2000-03-04 RPH02912
Pharmacist LaBella, James Reprimand 2012-01-19 RPH04000
Pharmacist Technician Lamansky, Kevin Surrendered 2007-02-16 PHT03498
Pharmacist Limited (Intern) Lancellotta, Scott Revocation 1993-06-22 PHL00827
Pharmacist Lanoue, Pamela Probation 1995-03-31 RPH03379
Pharmacist Leary, Kenneth Reprimand 1997-02-21 RPH03478
Pharmacist Leary, Kenneth Suspension 2001-04-11 RPH03478
Pharmacist Leary, Kenneth Reinstatement 2001-07-31 RPH03478
Pharmacist Leary, Kenneth Surrendered 2002-04-17 RPH03478
Pharmacist Leary, Kenneth Reinstatement 2003-04-16 RPH03478
Pharmacist Lemay, Steven Reprimand 2012-12-20 RPH02384
Pharmacist Lepore, Angelo Probation 1987-05-20 RPH00752
Pharmacist Leung, Kwun Heun Brian Reprimand 2012-01-19 RPH04337
Pharmacist Lewis, Kevin Reprimand 2013-02-21 RPH04551
Pharmacist Lewis, Maria Probation 2009-05-28 RPH04812
Pharmacist Lilly, Jean Reprimand 2014-11-20 RPH04059
Pharmacist Loens, George, Jr. Suspension 1995-08-30 RPH02771
Pharmacist Loens, George, Jr. Reinstatement 1997-10-06 RPH02771
Pharmacist Low, Robert, L. Reinstatement 1996-12-19 RPH02625
Pharmacist Limited (Intern) Lugris, Kim Revocation 2004-02-18 PHL02959
Pharmacist Mancini, Richard Summary Suspension 2013-01-10 RPH03616
Pharmacist Mancini, Richard Probation 2013-01-23 RPH03616
Pharmacist Manfredi, Lorraine Reprimand 1997-02-21 RPH02207
Pharmacist Manfredi, Lorraine Probation 2001-06-07 RPH02207
Pharmacist Manfredi, Lorraine Relief from Probation 2003-08-13 RPH02207
Pharmacist Technician Marcello, Adrienne Revocation 2004-07-21 PHT00507
Pharmacist Marcotte, Joseph, E. Surrendered 1987-04-14 RPH03128
Pharmacist Marcotte, Joseph, E. Reinstatement 1988-02-06 RPH03128
Pharmacist Marcotte, Joseph, E. Probation 1998-09-30 RPH03128
Pharmacist Marcotte, Joseph, E. Relief from Probation 2000-12-22 RPH03128
Pharmacist Marks, Jacob Surrendered 1994-08-12 RPH01032
Pharmacist Maynert, Richard Suspension 1999-10-18 RPH02388
Pharmacist Maynert, Richard Reinstatement 2000-05-25 RPH02388
Pharmacist Maynert, Richard Relief from Probation 2000-12-22 RPH02388
Pharmacist McKaig, Donald, Jr. Reprimand 1997-02-21 RPH03617
Pharmacy-Retail McQuades Marketplace Pharmacy Reprimand 2011-12-15 PHA00021
Pharmacy-Retail McQuades Marketplace Pharmacy Relief from Probation 2016-11-07 PHA00021
Pharmacist Medeiros, Debra Ann Reprimand 1988-06-09 RPH02615
Pharmacist Technician Medeiros, Nicole Revocation 2004-03-17 PHT00963
Pharmacist Medeiros, Paul Surrendered 1994-02-28 RPH02582
Pharmacist Menard, Sandra Reprimand 2003-04-16 RPH03434
Pharmacist Meyer, William, J. Suspension 1989-09-20 RPH02458
Pharmacist Meyer, William, J. Reinstatement 1990-02-08 RPH02458
Pharmacist Meyerson, Larry Probation 2000-01-10 RPH01559
Pharmacist Michael, James, C., Jr. Probation 1991-02-19 RPH02327
Pharmacist Michael, James, C., Jr. Suspension 1995-03-03 RPH02327
Pharmacist Michailides, Jennifer Reprimand 2011-09-15 RPH03736
Pharmacy-Retail Millennium Pharmacy Summary Suspension 2012-10-09 PHA00516
Pharmacy-Retail Millennium Pharmacy Relief from Suspension 2012-10-10 PHA00516
Pharmacist Misto, Edward, G. Probation 1998-01-26 RPH03275
Pharmacist Misto, Edward, G. Relief from Probation 2000-02-21 RPH03275
Pharmacist Misto, Ralph, III Suspension 1997-05-28 RPH02918
Pharmacist Moran, James Reprimand 1996-10-15 RPH02814
Pharmacist Moran, James Reprimand 2001-02-26 RPH02814
Pharmacist Moran, James Reprimand 2010-03-18 RPH02814
Pharmacist Moretti, Victoria Reprimand 1996-10-15 RPH02172
Pharmacist Morisseau, Karen Reprimand 2011-12-15 RPH02908
Pharmacist Muller, Michael Reprimand 1994-09-08 RPH03549
Pharmacist Muscenski, John Surrendered 2017-01-19 RPH02694
Pharmacist Musgrave, Nigel Reprimand 1986-06-27 RPH02069
Pharmacist Najafi, Susan Reprimand 2015-05-28 RPH04063
Pharmacist Nawrocki, John Reprimand 2001-11-16 RPH02305
Pharmacist Nawrocki, John Reprimand 2002-07-17 RPH02305
Pharmacy-Retail NDS Pharmacy Probation 2004-04-10 PHA00104
Pharmacy-Retail New England Home Infusion Reprimand 2012-05-17 PHA00525
Pharmacist Nguyen, Dung Reprimand 1996-02-21 RPH03550
Pharmacist O'Connor, Brenda Suspension 1988-06-06 RPH02656
Pharmacist O'Donnell, L. Scott Probation 2002-05-15 RPH03278
Pharmacist O'Donnell, Shannon, (aka Roberson) Probation 1997-01-03 RPH03435
Pharmacist Oelbaum, Sruel Reprimand 1987-12-31 RPH01533
Pharmacist Oelbaum, Sruel Reprimand 1997-04-14 RPH01533
Pharmacist Oelbaum, Sruel Reprimand 2001-12-20 RPH01533
Pharmacist Oelbaum, Sruel Probation 2009-05-28 RPH01533
Pharmacist Oelbaum, Sruel Relief from Probation 2010-07-15 RPH01533
Pharmacist Oelbaum, Sruel Relief from Probation 2010-07-15 RPH01533
Pharmacist Olivastro, Matteo, E. Surrendered 1986-03-11 RPH01172
Pharmacist Orszulak, Mark Reprimand 1993-12-09 RPH02839
Pharmacist Palma, Jorge Suspension 1997-07-28 RPH02392
Pharmacist Palma, Jorge Probation 1998-08-17 RPH02392
Pharmacist Palma, Jorge Relief from Probation 2000-12-22 RPH02392
Pharmacy-Retail Pawtuxet Valley Prescription Center Probation 1999-01-12 PHA00001
Pharmacy-Retail Pawtuxet Valley Prescription Center Relief from Probation 2000-03-17 PHA00001
Pharmacy-Retail Pawtuxet Valley Prescription Center Probation 2009-06-18 PHA00001
Pharmacist Petrini, John Suspension 2012-03-22 RPH04605
Pharmacy-Retail Pharmerica Immediate Compliance Order 2013-01-10 PHA00446
Pharmacy-Retail Pharmerica Probation 2013-10-11 PHA00446
Pharmacist Piacitelli, David, L Surrendered 1999-02-16 RPH02527
Pharmacist Pierpaoli, Paul Surrendered 2011-09-15 RPH01655
Pharmacist Pinault, Robert Reprimand 1985-12-30 RPH01393
Pharmacist Pinossi, Steven, R. Probation 1984-04-18 RPH02311
Pharmacist Pinossi, Steven, R. Probation 1994-09-26 RPH02311
Pharmacist Poholek, Robert Reprimand 2013-10-11 RPH01802
Pharmacist Popescu, Patrick Revocation 1990-07-11 RPH02312
Pharmacist Preston, Paul Suspension 2015-12-17 RPH03697
Pharmacy-Retail Primatec Pharmaceuticals Surrendered 1993-01-07 PHA00004
Pharmacy-Retail Primatec Pharmaceuticals Reinstatement 1993-02-03 PHA00004
Pharmacy-Retail Prime Drug Inc Summary Suspension 2008-05-06 PHA00075
Pharmacist Proctor, Thomas Surrendered 1995-07-14 RPH03480
Pharmacist Proctor, Thomas Probation 1997-02-02 RPH03480
Pharmacist Proctor, Thomas Surrendered 1998-08-31 RPH03480
Pharmacist Proctor, Thomas Probation 2001-03-05 RPH03480
Pharmacist Puerini, Albert Surrendered 2007-03-15 RPH04365
Pharmacist Puerini, Albert Surrendered 2007-11-15 RPH04365
Pharmacist Puerini, Albert Relief from Probation 2009-11-19 RPH04365
Pharmacy-Retail Quality Pharmaceutical Services Inc Reprimand 2011-09-15 PHA00280
Pharmacy-Retail Quality Pharmacy Reprimand 2011-09-15 PHA00532
Pharmacy-Retail Quality Pharmacy Relief from Probation 2013-02-21 PHA00532
Pharmacist Quirk, Michael Probation 2012-12-20 RPH03645
Pharmacist Quirk, Michael Relief from Probation 2013-07-18 RPH03645
Pharmacist Limited (Intern) Radziewicz, Todd Suspension 2003-06-25 PHL02615
Pharmacist Rayos, Jose, T. Probation 1998-04-10 RPH03308
Pharmacist Reall, Jessica Reprimand 2002-05-15 RPH04151
Pharmacist Rebello, Amelia Reprimand 2011-11-17 RPH03349
Pharmacist Reitano, Thomas Probation 1989-07-03 RPH03354
Pharmacist Reitano, Thomas Probation 2017-02-16 RPH03354
Pharmacist Reynolds, Jennifer Reprimand 1997-12-10 RPH03943
Pharmacy-Retail Rhode Island Village Pharmacy Summary Suspension 2013-03-01 PHA00519
Pharmacy-Retail Rhode Island Village Pharmacy Summary Suspension 2013-03-01 PHA00328
Pharmacy-Retail Rhode Island Village Pharmacy Probation 2013-05-16 PHA00519
Pharmacy-Retail Rhode Island Village Pharmacy Surrendered 2013-05-16 PHA00328
Pharmacist Technician Rihana, Bassel Revocation 2006-04-20 PHT03100
Pharmacist Rizzo, Christopher Summary Suspension 2012-10-05 RPH03980
Pharmacist Rizzo, Christopher Surrendered 2013-01-30 RPH03980
Pharmacist Rizzo, Christopher Reinstatement 2016-03-17 RPH03980
Pharmacist Roberson, Shannon (nee O'Donnell) Probation 1997-01-03 RPH03435
Pharmacist Roberto, Michael, V. Reprimand 1984-01-27 RPH02234
Pharmacist Rogers, Michelle Reprimand 2000-03-28 RPH04020
Pharmacist Rosen, Deborah Reprimand 1997-02-21 RPH03792
Pharmacist Rosenberg, Arnold Suspension 1991-03-22 RPH01565
Pharmacist Roy, Raymond Probation 1984-08-23 RPH01759
Pharmacist Roy, Raymond Reprimand 1997-08-13 RPH01759
Pharmacist Roy, Raymond Probation 2003-04-16 RPH01759
Pharmacist Roy, Raymond Reinstatement 2005-05-31 RPH01759
Pharmacist Limited (Intern) Rychlec, Kaitlin Summary Suspension 2012-11-26 PHL03736
Pharmacist Sabourin, Peter, J. Surrendered 2002-08-21 RPH04089
Pharmacist Sabourin, Peter, J. Surrendered 2005-01-20 RPH04089
Pharmacist Sabourin, Peter, J. Probation 2007-05-18 RPH04089
Pharmacist Sabourin, Peter, J. Surrendered 2008-12-18 RPH04089
Pharmacist Sales, Joseph Reprimand 2002-03-06 RPH03452
Pharmacist Salois, Roberta Reprimand 1996-10-15 RPH02772
Pharmacist Sammartino, Edward Reprimand 1998-08-25 RPH02344
Pharmacist Santos, Kimberly Reprimand 2011-10-27 RPH04471
Pharmacist Schmitt, Matthew Reprimand 2006-06-15 RPH04285
Pharmacist Shanos, Nicholas Reprimand 1999-02-24 RPH03134
Pharmacist Sidel, Susan Reprimand 1992-11-13 RPH01614
Pharmacy-Retail Simpson's Pharmacy Probation 1996-10-15 PHA00175
Pharmacist Simpson, David Probation 1984-02-21 RPH01542
Pharmacist Simpson, David Reprimand 1990-11-19 RPH01542
Pharmacist Simpson, David Reprimand 2007-09-20 RPH01542
Pharmacist Simpson, David Probation 2009-05-28 RPH01542
Pharmacist Simpson, David Relief from Probation 2010-12-16 RPH01542
Pharmacist Simpson, David Reprimand 2011-12-15 RPH01542
Pharmacy-Retail Simpsons Pharmacy Probation 2009-05-28 PHA00175
Pharmacy-Retail Simpsons Pharmacy Reprimand 2015-09-17 PHA00175
Pharmacist Sims, Randall Reprimand 2007-06-21 RPH03674
Pharmacist Sirois, Roger, Paul Surrendered 1985-07-01 RPH02409
Pharmacist Sirois, Roger, Paul Probation 1986-12-24 RPH02409
Pharmacist Limited (Intern) Smith, Lance Suspension 2000-12-13 PHL02212
Pharmacist Technician Smith, Lance Probation 2000-12-13 PHT01630
Pharmacist Sokol, Christopher Revocation 2004-01-20 RPH03186
Pharmacist Limited (Intern) Solarek, Samuel Suspension 2003-06-19 PHL02625
Pharmacist Solomon, Anthony, J. Probation 1995-03-20 RPH01528
Pharmacist Solomon, Anthony, J. Probation 2001-11-16 RPH01528
Pharmacist Solomon, Anthony, J. Probation 2002-07-17 RPH01528
Pharmacist Solomon, Anthony, J. Probation 2003-02-12 RPH01528
Pharmacist Solomon, Anthony, J. Relief from Probation 2006-01-04 RPH01528
Pharmacist Solomon, Peter Reprimand 1999-03-18 RPH03161
Pharmacist Solomon, Peter Reprimand 1999-06-02 RPH03161
Pharmacist Solomon, Peter Reprimand 2007-11-15 RPH03161
Pharmacist Solomon, Peter Probation 2011-12-15 RPH03161
Pharmacist Solomon, Peter Relief from Probation 2016-10-11 RPH03161
Pharmacist St. Germain, Richard Reprimand 1998-05-21 RPH03348
Pharmacist Tech Trainee-In Training St. Jean, Kellie Revocation 2006-12-21 PHT01049T
Pharmacist St. Jean, Kevin Reprimand 1997-02-21 RPH03387
Pharmacist St. Laurent, Rene Probation 1992-02-13 RPH02022
Pharmacist St. Laurent, Rene Reprimand 2002-04-23 RPH02022
Pharmacist St. Laurent, Rene Restrictions 2007-02-16 RPH02022
Pharmacy-Retail State Line Pharmacy Probation 1989-05-05 PHA00133
Pharmacist Steere, Donald Reprimand 2015-10-29 RPH02416
Pharmacist Steiman, Mark Reprimand 1996-02-21 RPH02079
Pharmacist Technician Stewart, Carmen Revocation 2006-10-19 PHT01603
Pharmacist Stoukides, Cheryl Reprimand 2006-07-20 RPH03070
Pharmacist Stoukides, Cheryl Probation 2009-05-28 RPH03070
Pharmacist Stoukides, Cheryl Probation 2011-04-21 RPH03070
Pharmacist Stoukides, Cheryl Reprimand 2015-09-17 RPH03070
Pharmacist Sullivan, Edward Surrendered 2010-07-15 RPH04216
Pharmacist Sullivan, Edward Probation 2012-05-17 RPH04216
Pharmacist Sullivan, Richard, T. Probation 1992-09-29 RPH01487
Pharmacist Sullivan, Richard, T. Suspension 1995-02-20 RPH01487
Pharmacist Swiss, Mark Probation 1998-11-02 RPH02638
Pharmacist Tacelli, Beniamino Reprimand 1998-05-21 RPH01728
Pharmacist Tacelli, Beniamino Probation 1998-12-16 RPH01728
Pharmacist Tashiro, Lynn Reprimand 2010-03-11 RPH01921
Pharmacist Themistocle, Nerlandes Reprimand 2013-02-21 RPH04269
Pharmacist Limited (Intern) Tingley, Shawn Summary Suspension 2012-07-23 PHL04134
Pharmacist Tortolani, Robert Reprimand 2013-02-21 RPH04639
Pharmacist Tyszkowski, Ronald Probation 1996-09-24 RPH01761
Pharmacist Varkonyi, Elise Summary Suspension 2013-03-01 RPH03115
Pharmacist Varkonyi, Elise Suspension 2013-05-23 RPH03115
Pharmacist Varkonyi, Elise Relief from Probation 2015-09-01 RPH03115
Pharmacist Viens, William, B. Reprimand 1998-05-21 RPH03944
Pharmacist Vocatura, Vincent Suspension 1991-12-18 RPH03034
Pharmacist Vocatura, Vincent Reinstatement 1992-12-03 RPH03034
Pharmacist Vocatura, Vincent Suspension 1993-03-09 RPH03034
Pharmacist Vyas, Bhaskar Probation 1999-09-14 RPH02188
Pharmacist Warren, Robert Revocation 2006-02-16 RPH02542
Pharmacist Welsh, John, P. Probation 1987-02-16 RPH02244
Pharmacist Welsh, John, P. Reinstatement 1988-03-23 RPH02244
Pharmacist Welsh, John, P. Surrendered 1992-04-07 RPH02244
Pharmacist Welsh, John, P. Suspension 1992-11-04 RPH02244
Pharmacist Whalley, David Reprimand 1986-06-27 RPH02424
Pharmacist White, Robert Reprimand 2001-10-29 RPH02557
Pharmacist White, Robert Reprimand 2016-06-16 RPH02557
Pharmacist Wilbur, Kevin Probation 2017-02-16 RPH04245
Pharmacist Wilkins, John Reprimand 2015-05-28 RPH04036
Pharmacist Technician WilkinsBerard, Deborah Revocation 2004-03-17 PHT01794
Pharmacist Winter, Susan Reprimand 1994-09-08 RPH02626
Pharmacist Wohl, Kenneth Suspension 1997-11-20 RPH03146
Pharmacist Wohl, Kenneth Reinstatement 1997-12-22 RPH03146
Pharmacist Woodcock, Muriel Reprimand 1998-12-08 RPH03768
Pharmacist Woodford, David Reprimand 1999-03-18 RPH02246
Pharmacist Zambarano, William Surrendered 1999-07-07 RPH02850
Pharmacist Zambarano, William Reinstatement 2000-12-07 RPH02850
Pharmacist Zambarano, William Relief from Probation 2002-04-22 RPH02850
Pharmacist Zuba, Edward Reprimand 1997-06-02 RPH03296
Pharmacist Technician Zuena, Nicole Suspension 2003-04-02 PHT02633