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Immunization School Health Reports


To monitor effectiveness of the Childhood Immunization Program's mission to protect all Rhode Island children from vaccine-preventable diseases

Key Information

All students are required to provide documentation that they are up-to-date on certain vaccines for school entry to Kindergarten, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 12th grade. Data include the number of students assessed, fully immunized, without an immunization record, and with an exemption certificate on file.

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How data are collected

Each year, school nurses are required to complete and submit their students' immunization status data through a web-based school immunization survey by mid-November. Students' immunization status is assessed at the time of school entry.

Key Findings, 2017-2018 school year

Note: Immunization data appears in the city/town where the school is located. Blank indicates no schools reporting in the city/town.

  • 95% of students received all required vaccines when they entered kindergarten (5+DTaP, 4+Polio, 2+MMR, 3+HepB, and 2+Varicella).

  • 70% of seventh graders received all required vaccines at the time of 7th grade entry (3+HepB, 1+MCV4, 2+MMR, 4+Polio, 1+Tdap, 2+Varicella, and 1+HPV).

  • 72% of eighth graders received 2+ doses of HPV vaccine at the time of 8th grade entry.

  • 79% of ninth graders completed HPV vaccine series (2 or 3 doses) at the time of 9th grade entry.

  • 76% of twelfth graders received one dose of MCV4 on or after their 16th birthday at the time of 12th grade entry.