Data Sources

  • Immunizations: Rhode Island Department of Health School Immunization Survey

  • Lead Screening: The Rhode Island Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program’s Lead Elimination Surveil-
    lance System (LESS) and KIDSNET, Rhode Island’s web-based, integrated child health information system

  • Dental Screening: Rhode Island Department of Heath School Oral Health Screening Data

  • Youth Risk Behavoir Survey: RI YRBS, 2015

School Health Data

Rhode Island Numbers

  • 95% of Rhode Island Kindergarten children received all required vaccines at the time of school entry (5+DTaP, 4+Polio, 2+MMR, 3+HepB, and 2+Varicella).
  • 70% of Rhode Island 7th grade students received all required vaccines at the time of 7th grade entry (3+HepB, 1+MCV4, 2+MMR, 4+Polio, 1+Tdap, 2+Varicella, and 1+HPV).
  • 68% of Rhode Island 12th grade students received one dose of MCV4 on or after their 16th birthday, as required, at the time of 12th grade entry.
  • One in six (16.4%) of Rhode Island middle school students ever drank alcohol and one in 15 students (6.6%) ever used marijuana.
  • Although the percent of students who ever smoked a cigarette declined among Rhode Island middle school students (16.2% in 2007 to 7.2% in 2015), 15.6% of middle school students tried an electronic cigarette product in 2015.