Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) Award


To recognize companies that demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a safe and healthful workplace.


Employers are eligible for SHARP Awards if they have:

  • Implemented an effective safety and health program,
  • Demonstrated a lost-workday incidence rate lower than the national average for their industry,
  • Provided a mechanism to prevent recurring injuries and illnesses, and
  • Corrected all hazards identified during an onsite health and safety consultation.

Nomination process

Employers may contact the Department of Health's Healthy Homes and Environment team to request a nomination for SHARP. First, the Office visits the facility and conducts a comprehensive, onsite safety and health consultation. After correcting any violations identified during the consultation, the employer may submit a written nomination request to the Department of Health. The Department of Health then forwards this information to the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)'s Region 1 Office for review.

Upon approval, the applicant is awarded a SHARP certificate and a trophy, which recognizes its exemplary safety and health program. The company is then removed from OSHA's general scheduled inspection list for one year. The SHARP Award is renewable for up to three years, if the company continues to meet all conditions of the program.

Past award-winning Rhode Island Businesses