Health Information Exchange (HIE) Project


CurrentCare, Rhode Island's health information exchange system, is operated by Rhode Island Quality Institute. It is a secure electronic network that gives medical professionals and patients access to protected health information, such as prescriptions, lab tests and hospital visits, from multiple sources in one secure place. CurrentCare ensures that the right medical information is available to the right person, at the right time, and in the right way. It helps healthcare providers give their patients the best possible care by giving them access to their patient's up-to-date health information. It saves patients time and money by avoiding duplicate tests and procedures, helps to avoid medication errors, and allows patients to better manage their health.

In 2005, The Rhode Island Department of Health was one of six states to be awarded a demonstration contract from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to design and develop a statewide Health Information Exchange. CurrentCare has been developed through a public-private partnership with the Rhode Island Quality Institute.


  1. Use CurrentCare to improve the quality of care and health outcomes for Rhode Islanders;
  2. Ensure that information is exchanged in a meaningful, lawful, and efficient manner; and
  3. Empower consumers to decide who has access to their health information and for what purpose.


The development of CurrentCare has engaged many interested individuals and organizations, including but not limited to consumers, healthcare providers, hospitals, state agencies, health plans, consumer advocacy organizations, legal and ethical experts, community health centers, academic and business leaders, and many other professional associations. These groups have served on committees at the Rhode Island Quality Institute to resolve the many technical, legal, privacy and operational issues associated with the project. The creation of a Health Information Exchange Advisory Commission has been mandated by The Health Information Exchange Act of 2008. This commission makes recommendations to the Director of Health regarding the use of confidential health information in the statewide health information exchange.

How To Sign Up

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For questions about CurrentCare, contact Rhode Island Quality Institute at or 888-858-4815.